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Loggerhead Stop Eatery

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Loggerhead Stop Eatery offers an array of foods that appeal to widely diverse tastes. Whether looking for authentic Cuban cuisine or a simple American-style pizza, there’s something on the menu for everyone. Stop by the food truck for breakfast or lunch, or just to get one of the fun-flavored snow cones.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Loggerhead Stop Eatery does a lot of things well. With Cuban, Italian and American cuisine, the food truck has something for every taste and preference.

Being a food truck, Loggerhead Stop Eatery primarily (although not exclusively) offers sandwiches and other items that are easily held.

For breakfast, there are many combinations of traditional egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches that come with bacon, sausage or ham. Choose from a biscuit, bagel or toast, or take the concept south of the border with a wrap. An omelet is one of the few non-sandwich options, and you can also get a muffin if you prefer something sweet.

The lunch menu leads off with Cuban sandwiches, such as Luis’ Cuban Sandwich, but really shows the food truck’s diversity. Nancy’s Meatball Sandwich and a Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich show som Italian flair, while a Steak Sandwich and a couple of burgers bring in the American cuisine. Hand-Tossed Pizza is another option, as are chicken or beef burritos.

No matter when you visit, the sides and desserts are worthy of serious consideration. Plantain chips provide a sweet crunch that goes with just about anything, and Flan is a traditional Cuban delicacy. If you want something cold, Snow Cones come in several unique flavors.

The drink menu here is sparse but sufficient. Organic coffee, juice, canned soda and water offer enough pick-me-up and hydration options.

All of this comes with a good amount of friendliness, for the staff at Loggerhead Stop Eatery consistently provide prompt, professional service and love to converse with their patrons. From casual chit-chat, while food is cooking to detailed information about the surrounding area, they’re up for a conversation while your meal is readied.

The array of cuisines here makes this a great place for groups with different tastes. Bring the whole gang here, and those who want Cuban food can get a sandwich while everyone else orders something else that’s more to their preference.

A few of our favorite menu items at Loggerhead Stop Eatery include:

Loggerhead Build a Sandwich
Breakfast sandwiches are a classic go-to when you need something that tastes good and is filling early in the morning. The ones here are prepared fresh for maximum flavor, and you can customize the Loggerhead Build a Sandwich however you like.

Luis’ Cuban Sandwich
An original recipe straight from Havana, the Luis’ Cuban Sandwich piles sweet-roasted ham, Swiss cheese and pickles high between two thick slices of bread. A little mustard adds some kick, and chips served on the side complement the sandwich with some crunch.

Nancy’s Meatball Sandwich
A tradition at Italian cafes, Nancy’s Meatball Sandwich doesn’t try to mess with perfection. The sandwich keeps things simple with original-recipe meatballs, mozzarella cheese and sauce on a sub roll. Just the way “Italian Nanny” taught the owners to make it.

Slightly different than bananas, Plantains get cooked until their sugars start to carmelize slightly. The result is a fruit that’s perfect by itself and also great with a sandwich.

Virgin Mojito Snow Cone
For a cole treat, get the Virgin Mojito Snow Cone. Even though it’s alcohol-free, the dessert tastes like the real thing. It’s the perfect ice-cold refreshment for a hot day.