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Oyster City Brewing Company

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Oyster City Brewing Company - Local Brewery with Apalachicola Flair: Temporarily Closed
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Oyster City Brewing Company serves craft beers with Apalachicola flair. Inspired by the surrounding waters and infused with local ingredients, the brews are truly reflective of the area and culture. Stop in for a beer, and you’ll likely want to stay and have several.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Oyster City Brewing Company serves up craft beers that have Apalachicola flair. The beers are inspired by surrounding waters and infused with local ingredients, making them truly reflective of both the area and the culture. For a local craft beer, there’s no better place to go.

The beer list at Oyster City Brewing Company is headlined by five flagship offerings that the brewery makes year-round. Mangrove, Hooter Brown, Apalach IPA, and Mill Pond Dirty offer a variety of lighter ale styles, which range from a fruit-infused pale ale to a traditional India pale ale. For something a little different, Tates Helles is a lager that rounds out the group of five.

In addition to these five mainstays, a rotating on-tap and bottled selection expand the offerings to appeal to other palettes as well. These offering change based on the season, but they regularly include both brews made by Oyster City Brewing Company and other local craft beers. Kolsches, stouts, IPAs, lagers, wheats and weisses are just a few of the different styles that are frequently available.

All of these beers are served in an open, relaxed setting where it’s easy to visit with others. Whether meeting up with friends or making new acquaintances, you’re bound to have some good conversation.

Remaining true to its nature, Oyster City Brewing Company offers only beer. You won’t find wines, ciders or foods besides popcorn. For a refreshing cold one on a hot day, however, this is a great place to stop and relax.

A few of our favorite beers at Oyster City Brewing Company include:

A unique offering inspired by the tropics, Mangrove infuses a pale ale with mangos to create a fun twist on the classic. The pun is good, the beer is better and the only thing it’s missing is a hammock. BYOH, if you will.

Hooter Brown
A brown ale that’s made with local honey from just up Owl Creek, this beer is easy to drink. The honey lends just enough sweetness, and its sugars add to the smoothness since they aren’t processed by yeast in the same way as malt.

Corner Jam Berliner Weisse
Another fruity selection, the Corner Jam Berliner Weisse is a light beer that’s fruited with raspberry and strawberry puree. Jam-packed with berry flavor, it’s a great choice for those especially hot summer days.

Lyin’Fish Lager
A traditional Oktoberfest-style creation, this shouldn’t be enjoyed only in autumn. Anytime you’re looking for a toasty, rich and complex beer that’s not too heavy, the Lyin’Fish Lager will do.

Gritwater Imperial Coffee Stout
If you’re one of those people that like something heavy even in hot weather, the Gritwater Imperial Stout lives up to its name. Dark even for an imperial stout, this robust beer is infused with chocolate nibs and Apalachicola-roasted coffee for added richness. The 9.7 percent ABV doesn’t hurt, either

Insider Tips:
– Since there aren’t any wines or ciders on the menu, this isn’t the best place for anyone who’s gluten-free. The only gluten-free item offered is the popcorn that comes as a free snack.
– The brewery only accepts cash, so make sure you have some on hand before you come. Stop by an ATM if you must, for you’ll likely want enough for a second (or third) round.