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Shoobie's – Your Spot for Seasonal Ice Cream and Jersey Gelatos
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4.5 / 5
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Shoobie's makes it their mission to serve up tasty soft-serve ice cream, sundaes, and jersey gelato to order. Only open seasonally, they operate their truck from three inviting Florida neighborhoods in Port St. Joe, Cape San Blas, and Mexico Beach. So, when the craving for sweet frozen treats hits, make sure to seek them out while you can.  

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

At Shoobies, you can treat yourself to a wonderful array of soft-serve ice cream and other delicious frozen desserts. You can find their ice cream truck in three locations in Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe, and Cape San Blas, Florida. But they are only open on a seasonal basis, opening in the beginning of March each year and closing again in August.

Through their open season, they serve their iconic jersey gelatos by the ton. This imaginative dessert does not feature traditional gelato, however.  Instead, it is two scoops of water ice with soft-serve ice cream sandwiched in between. They offer water ice without the ice cream for those who are lactose-intolerant or just prefer a dairy-free treat.

They also have many different sundae flavors made with soft-serve vanilla and chocolate ice cream. All their sundae creations come piled high with cookie crumbs, candy pieces, sprinkles, and more. They may also add white chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, or strawberry sauce, depending on the selected sundae.

Their most popular menu items include:

PoJo Sundae
Like all their sundaes, the PoJo sundae starts with a large portion of soft-serve vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Over the top, they add several spoonfuls of Reese’s Pieces and drizzle rich chocolate sauce over the top. A heaping portion of chocolate cookie crumbs finishes off this sundae, creating the perfect sweet frozen treat.

Beacon Hill Sundae
The Beacon Hill sundae starts much the same way with a generous portion of soft-serve ice cream in your flavor of choice. Then, they add vanilla cupcake bites and pour white chocolate sauce over the top. Rainbow sprinkles jazz up this treat and provide bursts of sugar flavor with every bite. To elevate their sundae flavor combinations even more, ask for chocolate-vanilla swirl soft-serve as the base.

Endless Summer Jersey Gelato
As one of their many jersey gelato flavors, Endless Summer starts with a scoop of mango water ice. To that, they add a serving of soft-serve vanilla ice cream, then top that with a scoop of Pina colada water ice. The combination of flavors promises to dazzle your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

Cherry Water Ice
For something a little lighter, consider trying the cherry water ice, which is served in a large cup or cone. In addition to cherry, they have many other flavors to choose from, including lemon, mango, green apple, and tangerine. They also have sugar-free flavors, such as creamsicle, giving you plenty of options to try.   

Born in the USA
If you are after an exciting dairy-free frozen treat, their Born in the USA water ice might be right up your alley. They build this frozen delight using cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry water ice, piling it high in an ice cream cup. The absence of vanilla soft-serve ice cream allows the bright flavors to shine through, creating a truly memorable experience.

No matter when the craving for ice cream hits you, expect to wait a while in line before getting to order, especially on nice days. Despite the constant flow of customers, they provide fast, friendly service and create each dessert with flourish. Their prices are a little high overall, but they make up for it by using quality ingredients and dreaming up imaginative creations.

Insider Tip:
Although they switched from cash only to accepting credit cards, their readers goes down quite often. So, bring along cash as a backup if you are really having a hankering for ice cream and water ice.