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Weber’s Little Donut Shop

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Weber's Little Donut Shop – Get Deep-Fried Glazed Croissants and More
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Weber’s Little Donut Shop gives you a chance to start your day right with specialty and traditional donuts of all kinds. You have to arrive early to wait in line, however, or risk walking away empty-handed, as they tend to sell out soon after opening. Although the secret is out about this Port Saint Joe treasure, their donuts are well worth the early arrival and long wait. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

In the heart of Port Saint Joe, there lies a little donut shop you might just overlook if you do not know any better — Weber’s Little Donut Shop. Although their small shop along Cap San Blas Road looks rather modest, their donuts are nothing short of amazing.

They have both specialty creations and traditional cake donuts in all your favorite flavors, including cinnamon-sugar, maple, and chocolate. Their deep-fried croissants steal the show, however, with their rich, flaky layers covered in a sugary glaze. It does not stop there either. Order the deep-fried croissants in deluxe form to have them add chocolate or maple over the top along with a handful of chopped pecans.

With the popularity of all their menu items, this donut shop sells out soon after opening their doors in the morning. As soon as they are sold out of their donuts made for the day, they close the doors and head home. Most people aim to stand in line well before they open to have a chance at scoring a few boxes of donuts. They sell all their donuts as singles or by the dozen, but they only accept cash at this time.

A look at their tastiest menu items:

Deep-Fried Glazed Croissants
Unlike anything else available in the area, the deep-fried glazed croissants will keep you coming back day after day for another taste. Beginning with a flakey dough, they fry these croissants up until golden brown. Then, they dip the entire thing in a sweet glaze, covering it in sugary deliciousness.  

Deluxe Croissants with Pecans
As if their deep-fried glazed croissants were not enough, they decide to take them to the next level with additional toppings, creating their deluxe croissants with pecans. In ordering these treats, you can choose from either maple or chocolate glaze, though both kinds are absolutely covered in chopped pecans.

Old Fashioned
Made with a timeless sour-cream rich recipe, their old fashioned donuts are always an excellent choice. After frying up these donuts until golden brown, they coat each one in a thick sugary glaze. As the donuts cool, the glaze hardens a bit, providing a satisfying crunch with every bite.

Cake Donuts
Despite how delicious all their other offerings are, their cake donuts regularly steal the show. They offer these donuts in many different flavors, including cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate, and maple. They also regularly add colorful sprinkles and even cereal over the top, creating donuts that look as good as they taste.  

Since the donuts sell out quickly, you can always rest assured you will receive the freshest baked goods possible from this little shop. In fact, the donuts are often still warm from the oven as they are put in the boxes and land in each customer’s hands.

Insider Tips:
– If you want to get anything at all, make sure to arrive by 7 am. They are known for selling out by 8:30 am, so there is no time to wait when donuts and deep-fried croissants are calling.
– Their tendency to sell out so fast makes for quite a long line, which tends to start forming long before they are open. Be prepared to stand around and chat, though most people find the wait well worth the time.
– They only accept cash here, so bring enough money to cover all your cravings or risk missing out. If cash is needed, you can head over to the trading post to use the ATM.