Destin Harbor Boardwalk Guide to Dining and Entertainment

Destin is a lively beach town that is well known for its beautiful waters and all the activities those waters offer, like fishing and sunset sailing. These activities consistently bring people from around the region, country, and even the world. Of course, the more people that come to Destin to experience its beaches and warm Gulf coast waters, the more other businesses pop up to meet the growing wants and needs of so many travelers. The Destin Harbor Boardwalk is an excellent example of this as it offers an exciting array of bars, restaurants, boutiques, and more.

Located just off of US Highway 98 at the foot of William T. Marler Bridge in downtown Destin, the Destin Harbor Boardwalk is a bustling place any day of the week. In fact, there is so much to do and see here, that it can feel overwhelming for first-time visitors. This, of course, is why we wanted to provide you with this handy guide outlining many of the best spots this location has to offer.

Some Delicious Places to Dine and Drink

Coyote Ugly Saloon

the outside of a grey building with big red letters on it

Maybe not one to take the kids to, this feisty bar takes its name and theme from the movie and features bartenders who frequently dance atop the bars. There’s something happening every night at Coyote Ugly Saloon. Including live DJs and beer bucket discounts.

East Pass Seafood & Oyster House

a shrimp dish at east pass seafood and oyster house
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This lunch and dinner spot is more family-friendly, billing itself as an open-air harborfront seafood restaurant. Come to East Past Seafood & Oyster House for crispy fresh seafood, including locally shucked oysters.

Crafty Siren

the crafty siren at the destin harbor boardwalk
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The Crafty Siren is a little mermaid-themed kiosk that sells beers and cigars along the boardwalk. Go here to grab a tasty craft brew before continuing to explore the other shops on the route. Yes, you can carry an open container within the Destin Harbor Boardwalk boundaries.

Fish Heads Bar

fish heads kiosk bar at the destin harbor boardwalk

This open-air bar specializes in cocktails, very fruity cocktails. Come to Fish Heads Bar for a fresh pineapple drink served within the pineapple itself. 

Harbor Tacos

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Harbor Tacos at Destin Harbor Boardwalk spot serves up everything crunchy, including tacos, nachos, burritos, and other taco-esque treats.

Harry T’s Lighthouse

harry t's light house, restaurant, ahi tuna, destin harbor boardwalk

Harry T’s was opened and named after famed trapeze artist Harrison Beben and so a lot of the decor within this roomy restaurant is circus-based. They have also brought in some really cool memorabilia from Thracia, a luxury cruise ship that sank nearby. Go here for the cool trinkets and stay for the outstanding water views and savory foods.

Jester Mardi Gras Daquiris

Jester Mardi Gras Daquiris is a New Orleans-inspired drink spot that serves up dozens of tall frozen daiquiri flavors, with a slice of pizza.

Margaritaville of Destin

This chain restaurant is renowned for big portions and delicious cocktails. Margaritaville Destin offers lunch with a view or dinner with a live band playing in the background.

The Fudgery

a fudge and chocolate shop at the destin harbor boardwalk

Sometimes you need something sweet to eat after a salty and savory meal of fish and French fries. If you are crushing the Destin Harbor Boardwalk, then what you want is to take a side trip to The Fudgery. This is a large dessert and sweet shop that serves up homemade fudge as well as other treats like caramel apples, chocolate-covered fruits, and pralines. 

Some Fun Things to Do

Gulf Coast Axe House

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Axe throwing has become quite the craze around the country, and Destin, FL is not one to miss out. Join your friends and family at Gulf Coast Axe House to see just who can hit the bullseye at this fun entertainment spot.

Gulf Coast Escape Room

creepy clown with orange hair at gulf coast escape rooms

Escape rooms are fun and engaging family-friendly activities in which attendants are led to a room that is often connected to other rooms. At Gulf Coast Escape Room, you must escape each room and make your way back out. You must first solve a series of clues or riddles together. To make it even harder, there is often a time limit! Can your vacationing group make it out in time?

HarborWalk Adventures

two young girls rock-climbing at the destin harbor boardwalk

This unique Destin Harbor Boardwalk entertainment venue allows guests to hipline right across the boardwalk itself! Enjoy a cool birds-eye view (and experience) of the harbor and boardwalk. HarborWalk Adventures also features a free-wall activity and a 40-foot LED rockwall to climb. 

HarborWalk Theater

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The HarborWalk Theater is small and cozy, holding about 100 people. Here they offer guests an intimate live show. Such live shows include magical acts, comedy hours, and more. 

Pirate Pearls

woman posing on the destin harbor boardwalk
Photo Credit by @tiieeera on Instagram

Pirate Pearls is a really cool kiosk located on the boardwalk. This kiosk has been built up to look like a mini sunken pirate ship. They have installed an aquarium at its heart from which guests can pick out an oyster. You’ll then shuck that oyster to see if you can find a pretty pearl within. It’s a fun activity that ends with a unique souvenir.

Timberview Helicopters

You will find a lot of adventure outfitters at the Destin Harbor Boardwalk; kiosks at which you can book things like fishing charters and snorkeling trips. Timberview Helicopters is also stationed here and with them, you can book a beautiful air tour. 

America’s Fun Spots

This multi-faceted entertainment center is a great place to take the kids to cool down after a morning out on the water or to escape a rainy day. They have a lot of great kid-friendly activities including a mirror maze, video games, and arcade games. 

Harbor Mini Golf

This cute nine-hole golf course offers a relaxing family-friendly activity with fun coastal-themed greens.

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We hope this guide to hip dining and entertainment spots at the Destin Harbor Boardwalk helps to give you an idea of where to go when on your upcoming vacation to Destin, FL. Of course, while these are some pretty amazing spots, they are by no means all that this Gulf Coast beachtown has to offer. We didn’t even have room on this list for all of the places within Destin Harbor Boardwalk! Make sure to visit our other pages to learn more about Destin and the Florida Gulf Coast.