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The Crafty Siren

The Crafty Siren – A Unique Beer Selling Concept in the Destin HarborWalk Village
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3 / 5
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The Crafty Siren sells craft beers from a kiosk in the Destin Harborwalk Village. Grab your favorite Floridian brew to cool off as you explore the Harborwalk.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

You don’t have to sit at a bar when you crave craft beer. At the Destin Harborwalk Village, you can get your drinks to-go from The Crafty Siren. This unique beer shop sells local brews from a small kiosk that makes grabbing a drink to-go quick and easy.

When walking around outdoor malls most people default to soda or bottled water. Even in places like Destin’s Harborwalk Village where you can openly consume alcoholic drinks while walking around outside, most people choose nationally available beers.

When Harborwalk Village has events at the Main Stage, visit The Crafty Siren directly across from the venue. You can enjoy a flavorful craft beer while listening to great music.

The Crafty Siren lets you upgrade from mass-marketed beers and sodas when you need to cool off. This small kiosk gives you the chance to choose from craft beers and local Floridian-made drinks.

This kiosk operates seasonally. Additionally, due to the nature of craft brews, many of the flavors will only appear for a limited time. You may see different beers to choose from each time you visit The Crafty Siren.

Previous visitors to The Crafty Siren have enjoyed some of the following brews:

Rome City IPA
Produced by Brew Hub, Rome City IPA comes from Lakeland, Florida. The name comes from Lakeland’s alternative option for its name before its founding, Rome City. This craft beer won multiple awards for its flavorful use of hops to create a hoppy, juicy brew.

The Floridian comes in a can from the Funky Buddha Brewery. This wheat beer has a smooth flavor and a full body. Hints of tropical fruit brighten the overall flavor of the drink. When you crave a flavorful, German-style wheat beer, check out a can of this craft brew.

30A Beach Blonde Ale
Looking for a light brew? Try the 30A Beach Blonde Ale at The Crafty Siren. This beer comes from Grayton Beer Company. It has a light flavor and a relatively low 4.6% ABV. Made for the Emerald Coast laid-back lifestyle, this crisp, refreshing ale is a great choice for drinking while on the beach or wandering the Harborwalk Village.

Jai Alai
Produced by Cigar City Brewing from Tampa, Jai Alai is an IPA with a kick of 7.5% ABV. Incorporating six types of hops, this highly flavorful brew pays homage to the game of Basque game of jai alai, which peaked in the state in the 1980s. As you drink this brew, you’ll notice flavors of both clementine and orange with hints of caramel. Complex, fruity, and flavorful, this beer is a tasty IPA to cool you off.

For a beer that you can drink daily without tiring of it, try a can of Grayson Beer Company’s 30A IPA. Distinct from the lighter 30A Beach Blonde Ale, the 30A IPA has a low alcohol content (4.5% ABV), crisp texture, fruity flavor, and a smooth finish. You’ll enjoy the tastes of tropical fruits and citrus as you sip this light beer that goes with anything.

Make The Crafty Siren your stop when you want a local brew to cool you off as you walk around the Harborwalk Village.

Insider Tips:
-You must park in the paid parking area for Harborwalk Village to access The Crafty Siren.
-The Crafty Siren does not have seating. Enjoy your beer as you walk around the area.