Destin Weather and Average Temperatures by Month

Destin is a gorgeous city located in Florida’s Panhandle. This beachfront location is a highly sought-after vacation destination as well as a snowbird locale thanks to its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and amenities like world-class golf courses.

But before you hit the road or book those plane tickets, it is a good idea to know exactly what type of climate you’re heading toward. Check the following guide to Destin’s weather and average temperatures by the month to make sure you pack the right gear:

Destin Weather & Average Temperatures by Month


Average High: 60°F
Average Low: 48°F

Destin experiences its coldest annual temperatures during the month of January — but even the coldest doesn’t get that cold. Every once in a great while, Destin and the general Panhandle region might see some snow flurries. This is most likely to happen during January (although the most recent time Destin experienced snow was in December 2017).


Average High: 63°F
Average Low: 52°F

Average temperatures start warming up come February. Zero chance of snowfall during this month, but you will likely encounter some slight rainfall as this month gets an average of nearly 12 days of rain every February. This month is also typically the month in which the seawater is at its coldest in and around Destin, with an average temperature of just above 62 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Average High: 68°F
Average Low: 57°F

Spring comes early in Destin. Rainfall is slightly less with an average of 11 days of rain across a longer calendar, while ocean temperatures are slightly more. During this month, the average seawater temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. To put that into perspective, Destin’s ocean temperatures are warmer in March than most of California’s beaches during the height of summer.


Average High: 74°F
Average Low: 63°F

Many will find April to be among the most pleasant months to visit Destin, Florida. During this month, you will still enjoy cool evenings that are ideal for bonfires while being able to relax beachside during warm sunny days. Rainy days likewise diminish to between 9 and 10 days of rain and the ocean temperature bumps up to a more comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Average High: 81°F
Average Low: 70°F

May is Destin’s border month between spring and summer. May gets the least rainfall of the year in Destin with closer to just 9 days of very light rainfall. Meanwhile, the ocean temperature rises even more to an average of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. To put that temperature in perspective, Olympic swimming competitions require a minimum pool water temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Average High: 87°F
Average Low: 77°F

The official start of summer in Destin is June (even though many days in May will feel like summer). During this month, temperatures really increase … Pretty hot stuff, but thankfully you have a lot of water surrounding you to cool off in. Interestingly, June is both an exceptionally sunny and rainy month. You’ll get an average of 11.2 hours of sunshine during June, the sunniest for the year, but also expect some storms. The good news is that while Destin will get about 19 days of rain in June, these summer storms are typically fast, lasting only a couple of hours before sweeping away and leaving that good ole Florida sunshine. 


Average High: 88°F
Average Low: 79°F

Plenty of hot summer days to enjoy during Destin’s July. Expect even more summer storms with an average of 24 days of rain, but also enjoy even warmer ocean temperatures with waters boasting an incredible average temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Average High: 88°F
Average Low: 79°F

August is the last official month of summer and it experiences the same average temperatures as July. August also gets about the same amount of rain as well as ocean temperatures.


Average High: 86°F
Average Low: 74°F

Technically the start of fall, September actually doesn’t cool off too much — at least not until closer to the end of the month. 


Average High: 78°F
Average Low: 65°F

October is technically fall, but unless you are from the South, you might not feel it as fall. While northern folks are apt to keep the shorts and t-shirts, expect to see more pants and light jackets during this month. While recently, October has been when Florida has seen more hurricane action overall, this isn’t a rainy month as it gets just 9 days on average of rainfall. 


Average High: 68°F
Average Low: 56°F

Hurricane season officially ends in November and overall temperatures tend towards being much more agreeable for all.


Average High: 63°F
Average Low: 52°F

Remember, the last time it snowed in Destin was in December 2017. That said, snowfall is very, very rare, rather visitors during this month can expect plenty of warm afternoons in the sun.

Pack the Shorts and Come on Down to Destin, Florida

Overall, most people visiting Destin, Florida can expect to experience plenty of warm vacation days that are short and t-shirt weather. Even during the coldest months of December and January, you will want to pack the shorts for those warmer afternoons. Also, make sure to check out our other website pages to learn more about the city of Destin before you head out on your big vacation.