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The Aragon Cafe

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The Aragon Cafe – Exceptional Smoked Meats with the Sides to Match
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Aragon Café, an artisan dining experience is the name of the game and they are definitely winning round after round. When you come here, you always have your choice of tender smoked meats prepared with care using time-honored techniques. Their sides are equally impressive, beautifully completing your meal and perhaps even inspiring you to take some home for later.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Aragon Café proudly provides their customers with exquisite meats slow-smoked with care all through the day and night. As they have everything from chicken and turkey to pork and shrimp, you can always satisfy your cravings for smoked goodness at every visit. They even have Louisiana gator sausage in their regular rotation, giving you a chance to recharge your palate.

Although seemingly standard fare, their sides are equally exceptional and well worth a try. Whenever you come here, you can treat yourself to their incredible broccoli salad, collard greens, baked beans, and more. Their potato salad and mac & cheese steal the show, however, even inspiring many guests to take home a few extra portions for later.

They never fail to pull out all the stops for the younger crowd either. Kids have their choice between the iconic mac & cheese topped with pork or turkey in generous portions or the beloved grilled Cheese Louise. This tasty sandwich goes well beyond grilled cheese by featuring Italian parmesan bread filled with a mix of white cheddar and cheddar jack.

Locals’ favorite menu items include:

Macaroni Monster
Not only kids can experience the best mac & cheese the world has to offer, as the Macaroni Monster also takes this classic to the next level. This dish starts with mac & cheese, of course, which is then piled high with your choice of gator sausage, pork belly, turkey, pork, or shrimp. After that, bacon crumbles and their specialty Pig Naughty Sauce goes right over top. Want to take it up a notch? Just ask for a smattering of jalapenos.

Bayou Tacos
As they also start with your choice of filling, the Bayou Tacos will never fail to delight your senses. Select from pork belly, turkey, pork, shrimp, or black beans, then await the magic that happens within the three soft shell tacos standing proud in a metal stand. As the pico de gallo, taco slaw, and Pig Naughty Sauce goes over the top, you will know you are in for a treat.

Mama’s Meatloaf Dinner
When nothing will do but a homecooked meal, give their Mama’s Meatloaf Dinner a try. This dish features two large pieces of meatloaf made in house using quality ingredients. To that, you can add two sides of your choice, including their beloved potato salad. A side of cornbread completes this meal and leaves you with something to write home about if you dare.

Smoked Meat Plate
If a plethora of smoked meats are what you are after, then the Smoked Meat Plate will definitely deliver. You can pick from the one to three meat plates, all designed to match the size of your appetite. Then, choose between all their different meats and select two sides that speak to you. Last, but not least, you will receive a slice of tasty cornbread.

Kick Start Sandwich
This restaurant is even a great place to begin your day with a big breakfast and the Kick Start Sandwich aims to prove it. This sandwich is made on a toasted bagel using two fried eggs, white cheddar cheese, and either bacon or sausage. The choice is yours. Also, you get to add one side to ensure you walk away with a full belly at the end of your meal.  

Even though their food is good enough to eat in any setting, they go above and beyond in creating the perfect dining space for their guests. With its brick walls and industrial accents, their restaurant boasts a modern look and feel. Within that space, you have many quiet tables to choose from along with several stools around the bar. They even have a couple small tables out front for dining on nice days.  

Insider Tips:
– From mimosas to craft beers, many different kinds of alcoholic beverages are available at this restaurant.
– Happy hour runs from 4 pm to 6:30 pm each day, allowing you to get $1 off most drinks plus many other specials.