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Nick’s Boathouse

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Nick’s Boathouse - Cajun-Style Seafood on the Water
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Nick’s Boathouse is the quintessential boater’s restaurant. The establishment serves up Cajun-style seafood right on the shore, and the atmosphere is laid back enough to wear flip flops in. For a delicious meal that came from the water you’re looking out over, stop here before you leave the dock after you get back to the dock or even if you aren’t actually going out on a boat.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Nick’s Boathouse serves freshly caught seafood in a relaxed shoreline location. In short, this is the perfect restaurant for boaters and anyone who loves the water.

Seafood permeates all fo the menus (lunch, dinner, and brunch) at Nick’s Boathouse, with dishes like Local Grouper, Mahi & Crawfish Etouffee and Seafood-Stuffed Shrimp enticing diners. Much of the fish and shellfish comes directly from Pensacola Bay or the Gulf of Mexico, but there are a few items brought in from farther away. Alaska Snow Crab, for example, isn’t local but pairs extremely well with Gulf-caught shrimp.

The various seafood options can be prepared in a variety of ways, and there are plenty of grilled, fried and other options no matter when you visit. The house’s specialty is a Cajun-inspired flavoring, though, and it’s delectable if you like a little added flavor on your food.

Landlubbers who prefer that their food didn’t have fins will find a few non-seafood items on the menu, but these are fairly limited. Non-fishy lunches consisted of mostly chicken dishes and a salad, while dinner has these and a steak entree. Brunch does have a few more options, thanks largely to the addition of eggs. A Kids’ Menu does have several non-seafood options for younger people who aren’t too adventurous with what they’re eating yet.

Drinks at the boathouse eatery consist of sodas, iced tea, beer and wine. Bloody Marys, Sangria, Bottomless Champagne and Bottomless Mimosas are offered during brunch. 

Prices are reasonable considering the quality of the food and location, but this isn’t the cheapest place in town. Dinners tend to range from $20 to $30 and most lunches are in the $10 to $20 range, although there are cheaper and more expensive options for each meal.

Perhaps the best part of Nick’s Boathouse is that all of this fine food is served in an atmosphere that’s pleasant but hardly fine dining. While you’re welcome to dress up for a meal, people who are in flip flops, boat shoes, shorts and T-shirts are just as welcome as the fancy-dressed. This is a boathouse eatery, after all.

For great seafood in a laid-back atmosphere, come to Nick’s Boathouse. You’ll like whatever you order, and you’ll absolutely love the views.

A few of our menu favorites at Nick’s Boathouse include:

Oysters on the Half Shell
When they’re available, nothing beats a fresh oyster eaten raw. Slurp them down, or place them on a cracker and top with cocktail sauce. The Oysters on the Half Shell lets you select how many to get, so you can try them several different ways if you’d like.

Seafood Gumbo
Any restaurant that specializes in Cajun-style dishes can be judged by its gumbo, and Nick’s Boathouse more than holds up to scrutiny. Order the Seafood Gumbo, and taste for yourself just how good the bay shrimp, fish, andouille sausage and vegetables are together.

Catch of the Day
A fresh catch prepared how you’d liked it. The Gulf of Mexico doesn’t have much better to offer, unless it’s a fresh catch paired with a salad and some sides. The Gouda Cheese Grits and Sweet Potato Waffle Fries are particularly scrumptious.

Blackened Chicken Alfredo
For a non-seafood option, go with the Blackened Chicken Alfredo. Perfectly prepared chicken atop a bed of linguini and rich cheese sauce is always a solid (and filling) option.

Bottomless Mimosa
Champaign and orange juice with no end in sight? Sounds like the perfect complement to sitting back and watching the ocean.

Insider Tips:
With a waterfront view as special as this, it’s worth waiting for a table near the window. If none are free when you arrive, put in a special request and grab a beverage while you wait. Your whole party will be glad you did.