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Perennial Patio Bar

Perennial Patio Bar – Serving Up Refreshing Cocktails and a Great Vibe in Pensacola
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3.5 / 5
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New to The Garden & Palafox crew is the Perennial Patio Bar where they serve up delicious alcoholic beverages made to order. As you sip on your refreshing drinks, you’ll get to soak in the awesome vibe and even make a new friend or two. They open early and stay up late to give you a dedicated place to kick back and relax whenever you need it most.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

In fall of 2020, the Perennial Patio Bar joined the fun at The Garden & Palafox – and nothing has been the same since then. A beloved part of the Perfect Plain Brewing Co. group, this quaint bar serves up nothing but amazing cocktails from early in the day through the evening hours. All of their drinks feature the finest spirits and other fresh ingredients that take their flavor profile to the next level.

At this bar, talented cocktail specialists make it their mission to serve imaginative drinks that’ll wow your tastebuds. Their menu changes often to bring new flavor combinations into the mix. But they don’t stop there. They are also master conversationalists and experts at maintaining a friendly, lowkey vibe at the bar. So, feel free to come by whenever you need a drink or just want to chat and they’ll never fail to impress.

With each visit, you can get a feel for why this bar instantly became a favorite in Pensacola. Their commitment to keeping the vibe upbeat and inviting sets the tone for an amazing evening out. It’s also a great place to stop in for a quick drink with a friend midday if you have the time.

Their most popular cocktails include:

Thai Collins
For an inventive spin on a true classic, try the Thai Collins, which is in the Signatures from the Garden section of the menu. They start this drink with Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka, and then add Lemongrass Sochu to sass it up. To that, they add lemon, soda, and Thai pepper to elevate your experience even more.

Slay the Rose’
In the Everyday Brunch section, you can find the flavorful Slay the Rose’ drink. This awesome beverage features a generous amount of Rose’ paired with Cocchi Americano. To take the flavors to great heights, they add strawberry, lemon, and Prosecco to the mix.

Frozen G&T
Look in the Frozen section to find the Frozen G&T, which will undoubtedly have you coming back for more. This tasty drink begins with Ford’s Gin and Midori plus a splash of Jack Rudy Tonic. Then, they add lime and serve it up frosty cold for your enjoyment.

Deshi’s Frose
If you’re looking for one of their Neighborhood Favorites, go with the Deshi’s Frose. This simple yet lovely drink starts with plenty of frozen Rose’. Then, it gets vodka and peach to help jumpstart your day or end your night just right. The choice is yours.

This One’s Gonna Hurst
The other drink in the Neighborhood Favorites section is the This One’s Gonna Hurst marvel. To create this drink for you, they pour in Blanco Tequila and Matcha. To that, they add jalapeno and lime to keep your tastebuds guessing.

Since their menu changes often, you’ll want to swing on by to see what’s available month after month. You can also catch wind of the changes by checking out their many social media pages. Don’t hesitate to add your own pictures that highlight just why you love this Pensacola staple.

Insider Tips:
– Feeling like something a little different? Bring in a recipe for a drink that’s not on the menu and they’ll whip it right up.
– If you want to end your visit with a spectacular view of the Pensacola Bay, just walk south on Palafox Street to reach the pier.
– When special events land on their calendar, they will update their website with the news. So, check it out on a regular basis to stay in the know.