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Bubba’s Sweet Spot

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Bubba's Sweet Spot - A Chocolate, Candy, and Ice Cream Paradise
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4.5 / 5
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Bubba's Sweet Shop is a classic candy shop stuffed with chocolates, ice cream, and countless confectioneries. The colors may make you think it's just for children, but don't be fooled. The staff is friendly and welcomes all to enjoy their favorite flavors.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

The atmosphere of Bubba’s Sweet Spot is designed to put you in a good mood. The metaphorical kid in a candy store becomes a lot less theoretical when you’re eye-to-eye with nearly every chocolate, candy, and ice cream concoction available. The story of this shop is based on one simple mission: to make the world better one person at a time. You can expect excellent customer service when you stop in, and feel free to ask for a few recommendations from those at the counter. You may even be able to meet Bubba himself if he’s not too busy experimenting with his menu. 

Walking into this place, you can tell immediately that this place cares about quality. Each option looks so mouth-watering because it’s made with the best ingredients available. You need only try a sample before you believe in Bubba’s magic. The colorful palette of the shop is just a prelude to an incredible visit. Between the carefree atmosphere and the tasty treats, you’re likely to remember this place long after you head home. 

Bubba’s Sweet Spot is also big on making every day special. So if a holiday is on its way, you can bet there’ll be all kinds of themed selections that will get you into the spirit of the upcoming event. From pralines to chocolate-covered pretzels to moose tracks ice cream, Pensacola has fallen in love with this store for delivering beloved favorites time after time. 

Save your appetite for these after-dinner sweets at Bubba’s:

Wild West Swirl Lollipop 
This rainbow lollipop is practically a fashion accessory as much as it is a dessert. With all those bright colors swirled into one delectable candy, it’s fun to eat from start to finish. Try it on a hot summer day as the perfect accompaniment to your exploration of Pensacola. 

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream 
There’s a lot of talk about the ice cream at Bubba’s, largely because they’ve chosen each flavor after a lot of deliberation. Instead of having limitless options, they’ve picked a handful of ice creams that do their store justice. The blueberry cheesecake is rich, fruity, and creamy, making it something you really have to save room for. 

Peanut Brittle 
Hard sugar is a base that can be transformed into any number of desserts. This peanut brittle is embedded with plenty of nuts to give the dessert some extra dimension. We highly recommend ordering a little extra so you have enough to last the rest of your vacation. 

Pensacola has a tendency to heat up, and something you just want something that can be easily carried around without dripping everywhere. The milkshakes are made with such attention to detail, and you’ll find they’re appropriately garnished and bursting with quality at every sip. 

There are plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Pensacola, but Bubba’s is definitely one that has made its mark on both the locals and tourists. Whether you stumble upon this place or you make a special trip for it, Bubba’s is sure to have a treat for you. 

Insider Tips:
– This shop loves experimenting, so don’t be surprised to see certain candies and ice creams swapped out every time you go in. 
– If you find you can’t stop craving Bubba’s well after you’ve gone home, you can shop their selection online. 
– Pick up some gift boxes, T-shirts, or postcards if you’re looking for souvenirs from your trip to Pensacola. 
– This place is small and can get crowded, so you may need to enjoy your selection outside.