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Pokee & Ice Rolls

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Pokee & Ice Rolls — Where to Go to Chill Out in Style in Panama City Beach
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If you want to cool down after hours of beachside adventures, there is perhaps no better place to go than Pokee & Ice Rolls in Panama City Beach, Florida. You can start with delightful pokee made with fresh ingredients and a Thai-Hawaiian kick. Then, chill out for a bit while savoring a large cup of ice cream rolls filled with all your favorite flavors and toppings.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

After working up an appetite cruising Panama City Beach, Florida, you can stop in at Pokee & Ice Rolls to satisfy your appetite for cool eats galore. Upon walking through the doors, you will instantly see that their clean and inviting eatery sets the stage for the meal of a lifetime. They serve up much more than a meal and dessert, however. With their open-air kitchen perfectly on display, they offer the full dining experience. Whether you order up cold eats or icy treats, you can watch in wonder as they create your order using all your selected ingredients and time-honored practices.

To see what they are all about, start your meal with pokee reimagined. They turn this iconic dish on its head with Thai-Hawaiian flavors to remember. Their bowls are basically sushi deconstructed, while their burrito features sushi rice and a seaweed wrap. If that doesn’t tantalize your taste buds, then check out the salad, which is a fresh spring mix with romaine and zucchini. Once you decide how you want your pokee served, you can pick from all their raw fish, fruits, and veggies. Plus, finish it off with all your favorite flavors and toppings.

If that is not enough, you can trust that they put just as much heart and soul into making their ice rolls. They start each one with vanilla, Thai tea, chocolate, or green tea base that sets the stage for the magic to come. Then, they pour it out on an icy cold prep station to add your mix-ins. Once it is all combined, they scrape it all into tidy rolls and stand them upright in a cup. And before handing it over, they add your toppings of choice plus a tasty drizzle.  

You absolutely must try their:

Rainbow Salmon
Available in a bowl, wrap, or on a salad, the Rainbow Salmon pokee never fails to impress. This dish starts with fresh, raw salmon kept icy cold. Then, they load it up with edamame, corn, cucumber, and mango before adding lime ponzu seasoning. Masago sauce goes over the top to beautifully bring all the flavors together.

Seaweed Salad
If you want to make your pokee bowl, burrito, or salad a little more robust, add the Seaweed Salad to the side. They take the seaweed to the next level with a decadent mix of sauces plus sesame seeds and red chili flakes. It pairs well with all of their pokee flavors, so you really cannot go wrong in ordering it up.

Strawberry Shawty
When you want to finish your meal on a bright note, order yourself the Strawberry Shawty ice rolls. This frozen treat starts with a vanilla base with strawberry mix-ins. After adding it to the cup, they top it off with strawberries and graham crackers plus chocolate drizzle and a dollop of whipped cream.

If you want to try your hand at making pokee and ice roll magic, then go on a build your own adventure. Start with a regular or large pokee creation set in a bowl, burrito wrap, or atop a salad. Then, add two to three proteins plus your choice of mix-ins, flavorings, and toppings. Building your own ice roll is equally exciting. Just choose your base flavor, add one mix-in, and top with up to five amazing treats, including graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, and chocolate chips. A drizzle goes over the top to complete this treat and keep you coming back for more.

Insider Tips:
– You can go wild with the ice roll mix-ins and toppings if you dare but be ready to pay extra for each one over the limit.
– Add even more protein to your pokee or load up on the avocado for an extra charge.
– The music is loud to match their high-energy atmosphere, so only come here when you are not craving peace and quiet.