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Dave And Buster’s

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Dave and Buster’s - Food, Drinks and Games
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4 / 5
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Dave and Buster’s combines an arcade and a sports bar to create a unique setting full of refreshment and activity. Whether you want to watch a game or play one, this is the place to come when you’re ready for fun.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Dave and Buster’s merges a traditional sports bar with a grown-up arcade to create a place that’s full of fun activity. With food, beer, televisions, and games, this is essentially an adult playground.

The menu at Dave and Buster’s offers a diverse array of food options. For sharing, there are handheld snacks, appetizers, and desserts that can easily be split among many. Alternatively, flavorful burgers, sandwiches, pasta, chicken dishes, and fish selections are available, as is a heart-healthy section for the diet-conscious.

The drink menu features several different adult beverages, including wines, beers, spirits, and house-made cocktails. Non-alcoholic beverages range from the typical to more exotic smoothies and slushes.

Throughout the dining area, there are plenty of televisions to watch a favorite team on. Games with both local and out-of-town teams are regularly shown.

Moving beyond the dining area, customers enter the arcade zone and find many different games. There are arcade classics, like skeeball and basketball, as well as new innovations. Guests can find games to play for simple fun, to compete against each other at or to try and win lots of tickets through. A shop offers grown-up prizes in exchange for tickets.

Whenever you want to have a good time, Dave and Buster’s has the perfect recipe of food, drinks and fun activities. Grab a friend or several, and enjoy everything here.

A few of our menu favorites at Dave and Buster’s include:

Tito’s Strawberry Mega Mule
A fruity take on the Moscow Mule, Tito’s Strawberry Mega Mule adds strawberry puree and a house-made sweet ‘n’ sour mixer that perfectly complements the lime-ginger flavor. The mule comes served in a souvenir mug, so you’ll have something to take home even if you don’t win any tickets.

Unlimited Wings
The Unlimited Wings are only available at select times, but they’re a deal when offered. The bottomless wings are full of flavor, and they come with a $10 Power Card that can be used on the games. Plan on staying a while as you fuel up and explore the arcade.

Pepperoni Pretzel Pull-Apart
A delectable Bavarian-style pretzel serves as the foundation onto which mozzarella, parmesan, and pepperoni are piled. Comes served in a pan with marinara sauce for dipping, and the pieces are meant to be pulled apart and shared.

Slow-Cooked Smokehouse BBQ Ribs
St. Louis-style ribs made from scratch, and serve with apple slaw and fries. Deciding what’s for dinner suddenly is an easy choice.

Brookie Sundae
The Brookie is part cookie and part brownie. When ice cream’s on top, it’s all delicious.

Insider Tip:
– If you’re on a date, forgo the ticket-focused games and opt for more of the racing and shooting games. Although these games often don’t award tickets, the playtime lasts longer than one-button games and you can compete against each other. What about a little wager?