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Brittany Mendez has always had a fondness for Florida since she started visiting it at the age of 6. She would often go to the Panhandle for family trips every year, and quickly became knowledgeable of the area. When she got older, she was able to start a tradition for her own family trips to the Panhandle, specifically Pensacola!

From walking along the quiet beaches, hopping around at the local beach restaurants, and soaking in live music, she favors the Pensacola area as her number one spot for a beach getaway. When she’s in the mood for something a little more lively, she visits Panama City Beach.

In college, she would visit Panama City Beach each year for Spring Break and beach vacations. She was able to see PCB truly come alive with excitement from the free concerts and adrenaline-pumping activities. Pier Park is actually one of her favorite places to shop, with so many different restaurants and stores to spend the whole day perusing.

Although this Florida Panhandle expert has a couple of favorites, she can’t help but appreciate all of the beach towns along the Panhandle. Each one has its own uniqueness to them that makes it ideal for different types of vacations.