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The Meltdown 30A

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Meltdown on 30A - An Airstream Trailer Serving Your Favorite Childhood Sandwich
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4.5 / 5
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Meltdown on 30A is an informal Airstream trailer on the beach that serves up grilled cheese of every variety. It's a great place to take the family for a sandwich, snack, or drink, and the menu is full of gourmet takes on the childhood favorite. Make your meal complete with a local beer and a caramel and sea salt popsicle. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Meltdown on 30A has taken the art of grilled cheese to a whole new level. This popular Airstream trailer serves up everything from the basic American cheese to the Smokin’ Turkey filled with bacon, avocado, and Albuquerque sauce. It caters to hungry guests of every age and the not-quite-food-truck makes it a point to make every menu item a home run. 

This business is billed as the best flip-flop cuisine you can find along the scenic stretch of highway. 30A has long become a destination favorite for those who love the beach, and not everyone wants to put on a suit and tie to enjoy good food.

After you’ve worked up an appetite from all the waves, you can head to Meltdown on 30A for a snack or meal that truly satisfies. All you have to do is take a few steps up from the Gulf and peruse the menu. Despite the popularity of the trailer, the wait times are surprisingly reasonable, making it a lifesaver for impatient travelers who need to get back on the road. 

This business is proudly owned and operated by Chef Jim Shirley and partner Kelli Castille. The vintage Airstream is a testament to the business’ creativity and the owners’ relaxed take on beach dining. Every sandwich is built from locally sourced ingredients and made from scratch. 

When you want to order everything on the menu, check out our picks to help narrow it down:

A Bunch of Baloney 
If you’re coming here for the nostalgia of eating grilled cheese, you might as well go the whole nine yards. This sandwich is fried mortadella paired with both Cheddar Cheese and American Cheese. The bread is a hearty Texas Toast, adding even more flavor to the mix. 

French Onion Is My Jam
If you think of French Onion as a soup or jams as too sweet, this sandwich might have you seeing everything in a whole new light. Made with French Onion jam, cream cheese dip, and Swiss Gruyere, this sandwich is a surprise in every bite. The thick sourdough bread stands up to the meltdown and adds another dimension to the dish. 

Cuban McConnell
Finding the perfect Cuban sandwich in Florida is one of the most delicious challenges you can ever take on in life. The McConnell version is pulled pork, brown bag ham, and Billy mustard. The Gruyere and sourdough bread round out the richness and keep you coming back for more. 

Sloppy Melt 
Much like the gourmet baloney sandwich, the Sloppy Melt is another homage to the lunchrooms from youth. It’s Sloppy Joe Beef plus American cheese on Texas toast, but the real kicker is the Funyans stuffed between two slices of bread. 

Cookies and Cream Popsicle
The desserts in the trailer are limited to popsicles. But when you think about it, do you really need anything more from a trailer that serves up grilled cheese sandwiches alongside tomato soup? Why not end your meal with yet another taste of childhood, one that takes you back to dunking your favorite cookies in a glass of milk. 

Meltdown at 30A is meant to be a one-stop-shop when you’re feeling peckish on the beach. Be sure to try a local beer, like the 30A Beach Blond, for the perfect combination of flavors. 

Insider Tips:
– There is no seating at Meltdown 30A. It’s an Airstream trailer that operates near the Gulf of Mexico. (Though there are picnic tables nearby for public use.)
– Despite the crowds, the staff is extremely efficient so your wait time should be minimal. 
– Try a local beer or gourmet popsicle to go along with your sandwich.