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Pickle’s Burger and Shake

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Grab a Seaside Treat at Pickle's Burger and Shake
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3 / 5
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If you're on the hunt for the comfort of a juicy burger and greasy fries, you'll find it at Pickles Burgers and Shakes. There, you can also enjoy pickles in every form imaginable: as a topping, an appetizer, and even in your favorite drinks. Stop by for a casual meal in the heart of Florida's Seaside neighborhood.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

There’s a lot to love about the friendly community of Seaside, which is home to some of the Emerald Coast’s most underrated parks and beaches. If, as you’re exploring this charming neighborhood, you find yourself in need of a quick bite, you can make a pit stop at Pickle’s Burger and Shake. This open-air eatery has a casual feel in perfect keeping with laid-back beach days.

There’s no secret as to the type of cuisine Pickle’s Burger and Shake offers. The establishment’s menu may be straightforward, but it covers a wider variety of items than its name implies. Burgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches are standard fare at lunch. If you’re an early riser, however, you’re welcome to stop in for an omelet.

While the selection here appeals to visitors of all ages, those with smaller appetites may want to order off the children’s menu, which includes such essentials as grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, and hot dogs. 

Despite the kid-friendly vibes, Pickle’s Burger and Shake is also an ideal location for adults who want to let loose. The drink menu includes a variety of tasty cocktails, but no visit is complete without a pickle shot.

If you prefer a more relaxing experience, you’re welcome to kick back with a bottle of beer. Non-alcoholic options include spring water, sweet tea, and Coke with real cane sugar.

If you’re in a rush, you’ll be disappointed to discover longer wait times than the restaurant’s casual appearance implies. The wait can feel especially long on a hot day when you could realistically spend over twenty minutes in line as the sun beats down. Additional waiting is to be expected after you place your order. If you’re not in a hurry, however, the convenient location may make you more willing to put up with the possibility of a wait.

The following are a few of our favorite menu items:

Famous Fried Pickle Spears
Start your meal on a high note with this appetizer, which is perfect for sharing with loved ones. Served with ranch for dipping, these fried spears of perfection will quickly make you understand why pickles are included in the restaurant’s name.

Hangover Omelet
If you enjoyed one too many margaritas last night, you can recover with help from this breakfast favorite. It’s an excellent choice regardless of your drinking habits, as it comes loaded with tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, jalapenos, bacon, sausage, and cheese. 

Fried Pickle Burger
This popular burger lives up to the restaurant’s name — assuming you wash it down with a tasty shake. Like all burgers on the menu, it comes with lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo. You’re also welcome to add one of several types of cheese or other fun toppings such as bacon and dill pickle relish. 

Veggie Burger
There’s no reason to feel deprived if you prefer not to eat meat. This veggie burger is just as satisfying as the other options on the restaurant’s menu. The many available toppings allow you to spice up your sandwich as you see fit.

Oreo Milkshake
Thick and creamy. this handmade shake is undeniably refreshing on a hot day. A variety of other milkshake flavors are available, but this version is sure to impress. 

If your idea of the perfect burger or appetizer includes a whole lot of pickles, you will fall in love with Pickle’s Burger and Shake. Make the most of this shack’s convenient location as you enjoy a laid-back day in Seaside.

Insider Tips:
– Don’t hesitate to visit Pickle’s Burger and Shake alongside your four-legged friend. The patio area is pet-friendly, making this establishment a go-to for dog lovers.
– Beware if you plan on ordering a soft drink: free refills are not provided for soda.