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LaCo Latin Coastal Kitchen

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LaCo – Savor Coastal Cuisine with Latin Flair in Seacrest Beach
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4 / 5
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When it’s time to dine between your Seacrest Beach adventures, set your sights on a visit to LaCo. At this popular eatery, their crew expertly prepares coastal cuisine with Latin flair for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Guests are seated on a first-come, first-served basis, so expect a bit of a wait whenever you stop by.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

LaCo brings fresh Latin cuisine to the Florida Panhandle and adds a coastal twist. Local ingredients and expert preparation make everything on the menu delicious and make sure you don’t overlook the house-made adult beverages if you’re of age.

The menu at LaCo features plenty of classic Latin staples, such as guacamole, queso, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and more. There’s an entire section devoted to Los Classicos, and the Flan and Sopapillas Postres (Desserts) is distinctly Mexican.

As you peruse the different options, though, you’ll also notice the prevalent coastal influence of the Florida Panhandle. Gulf Snapper Crudo, Lobster Tacos, and Pescado Del Dia all draw inspiration and ingredients from the nearby sea.

Many non-seafood ingredients are also from local sources, and Executive Chef Eric Bartholomew sources most of these ingredients directly. Through relationships with local fishermen and farmers, Bartholomew is able to bring the freshest, tastiest, and most sustainable ingredients from around the area to LaCo Kitchen.

As good as the food is, don’t forget to glance at the beverage menu if you’re looking for an adult beverage. House-recipe sangria, mojitos, and margaritas steal the show among all of the beverages, but there also is a range of wines and bottled beers if those are more to your taste.

For those under age 21 or who don’t wish to imbibe, mocktails, Coca-Cola products, lemonade, sparkling water, coffee, and tea are available.

High-quality Latin cuisine with some flare from the Gulf is food that everyone can gather around. Go to LaCo for a good meal, and grab a good cocktail to go with it.

A few of our menu favorites at LaCo include:

Shishito Peppers
When sweet and spicy fare calls your name, start your meal out with an order of Shishito Peppers. This appetizer features powerful shishito peppers put over an open flame until smoky and blistered. A drizzle of guajillo honey sauce goes over them after that to add a sweet kick to the mix.

Seacrest Ceviche
Fresh Gulf shrimp are tossed in a lime-chili broth and tossed with tomato, avocado, cucumber, oil, and cilantro. As flavorful as it is colorful, this is one salad you must try if you haven’t previously had it (and that you’ll want again if you have had it before).

Los Tacos
The LaCo tacos are varied and sold individually, so you can mix and match your favorites. The Camarones (Gulf shrimp), Throwback (grass-fed ground beef), and Pescado (seasonal Gulf fish) especially stand out, but there are another seven options that are all worth trying.

Lobster Tacos
The Lobster Tacos never fail to delight with their bright Gulf flavors paired with bold chili-infused goodness. To create this popular dish, the chef poaches lobster until tender and juicy. Then, they chop it up, put it on a corn tortilla, and add charred corn relish and red chili aioli over top. Pair yours with a Pork Belly Taco for a surf and turf dish, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Ribeye Asado
If you arrive with a huge appetite, don’t hesitate to get the LaCo Ribeye Asado. This entrée comes with a humongous eight-ounce barrel-cut ribeye that’s grilled medium rare and topped with red chimichurri. Alongside that, you get whipped potatoes elevated by diced green chilis and cotija cheese. Right before serving, green beans and roasted baby carrots land on the plate to finish off the meal perfectly.

Whether you come in for lunch or stop by later in the day, put the Sopapillas on your radar. These little pockets of fried dough come topped with cinnamon and sugar, whipped cream, and fresh berries galore. Then, to kick it up a notch, they get a drizzle of local chili honey that adds a sweet heat to remember.

Insider Tips:
-Ready to enjoy happy hour fare? Come in between 3 pm and 5 pm each day.
-Expect to see a 20% gratuity automatically added to all to-go orders and checks for minors who dine without an adult present.
-Want to enjoy the finest alcoholic beverages around? Ask to make your margarita top shelf.
-Gluten-free and vegetarian fare is clearly marked on the menu with a GF and V, respectively.