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Bamboo Willie’s

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Pensacola's Bamboo Willies: It's Where the Party Is!
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4.5 / 5
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Bamboo Willie's in Pensacola Beach is the perfect stop-in place on Quietwater Beach to grab a cold drink. Frosty slushies for adults in color-changing cups, a nice beer selection, and live music most days of the week make this bar a fun place to chill on a hot day on the beach. Friendly staff, live entertainment, cold drinks—sounds like a party because it is!

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Locally known as one of the hottest places on Pensacola Beach to catch a cold drink and some live entertainment, Bamboo Willie’s is a must-see location if you’re in the area. With an open-concept bar that opens right up to a wooden deck out front, this is probably the most convenient place to grab a drink while you’re enjoying beach activities, shopping in the area, or just up for some good entertainment.

Not only do you get picturesque views of the beach from the bar at Willie’s, you also get a full range of live entertainment depending on the day. Live music, including some popular local singers and bands, frequently play on weekends. Bikini contests may take place through the hottest days of summer, and you can even find crawfish on the menu on Sundays if you want something to chow on with your frosty drink.

We loved everything about Bamboo Willie’s. The staff was awesome and friendly—perfectly willing to take the time to educate us about menu choices. The atmosphere was fun and upbeat, kind of like what you would expect from a beach side bar, right down to the Fat Tuesday frozen drinks and upbeat music.

Bamboo Willie’s couldn’t possibly be situated in a better location. Nestled between Hooters and the Boardwalk shops right on Quietwater Beach, Willie’s is the beach side bar where you can’t go wrong.

You get crystal clear views of the beach, close proximity to the boat docks and boardwalks, and access to all kinds of local entertainment in one centralized location. Whether you’re taking a stroll on the sandy shores of Quietwater, stopping in after a boat trip, or touring the shopping opportunities, Bamboo Willie’s is the prime location to grab a frosty adult beverage for you, slushies for the kids, and a beer for the old man.

A few of our menu favorites at Pensacola’s Bamboo Willies included:

A little bit chocolatey, big on flavor, and nice and cold—it’s no wonder the Bushwacker is a trademark drink at Bamboo Willie’s. This traditional frozen drink is made with pina colada ingredients and laced with chocolate, so every sip is full of flavor.

The Williewacker is a frozen collaboration of fruity goodness and alcohol, so you just can’t go wrong with this menu favorite. Plus, the Williewacker is served up in a cool color-changing cup for an added touch of fun. Grab one up and head out to the beach to chill while you sip it up.

Jungle Juice
This drink does not disappoint in potency or flavor! Made with Jim Beam’s Red Stag, you get that telltale hint of heat in every sip, but it is perfectly complemented by the tangy frozen juices that are incorporated. Be forewarned, however: this Jungle Juice is potent stuff—it may not take much to make you feel like screaming “Welcome to the Jungle” to all the passersby outside.

These are only three of the cool drinks we found at Bamboo Willie’s. There is a full list of others to try, as well as a good selection of domestic and imported beers. You can see a full list of specialty drink choices here. 

Insider Tips:
-Bamboo Willie’s is a laid-back kind of place. We loved the fact that the bartenders were super friendly every time we went in. If you ask, they’ll even provide you with little sample cups so you can try out different drinks before making your final selection.
-Go ahead and spring for a souvenir cup—if you do, you get free refills on drinks that are already pretty inexpensive.
-Later in the day, the crowd at Willie’s gets a little more lively, and the music can get a little louder, so if you’re stopping in as a family, it may be best to go early in the day.