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The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company

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The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company - Locally Roasted Coffee
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The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company hasn’t yet become a household name for its rhythmic rhymes, but its coffee is well-known throughout the Pensacola region. The cafe offers a selection of freshly roasted coffees from around the world, which can be incorporated into a wide array of beverages. There’s also a smattering of food options, making this a great place for breakfast or lunch if you need something more than just a cup o’ joe.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company might not have a bestselling anthology of rhymes, but its coffee is a hot commodity throughout Pensacola. The cafe roasts coffees from around the world on-site, and these are accompanied by a selection of drinks and foods.

The coffee selection at The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company is always in flux, as the cafe roasts what’s in season and available. At any given time, though, you can expect to find selections from Central America, South America, Africa and Asia that range in roast level from light to dark and bold. Many of these coffees are both offered on their own as flavorful single-origin selections and incorporated into more balanced blends.

Of course, many of these coffees can be enjoyed on-site as part of a favorite cafe beverage. In addition to standard drip coffees, there’s an array of traditional Espresso Drinks and fancier Signature Drinks that are laden with whipped cream, sugar and other goodies. Whether you want your go-to Cappuccino or a dark-chocolate-and-raspberry Poe, there’s no shortage of options to appease all coffee drinkers’ tastes.

The food menu favors lighter fare that’s perfect for a morning or mid-day meal. Croissant Sandwiches, Salads, Daily Sonnets (quiches) and Gourmet Baked Goods offer both savory and sweet choices, and every item under these headings is worth trying. 

Appropriate given the cafe’s name, the decor here has clearly been curated by baristas who share a passion for literature and poetry. Classic works line shelves on the wall, and little quips can be found on many of the tables. Even the sleeves put on cups have a verse of their own, so you can brighten your day with a little piece of poetry even if you can’t stay and read a while.

A good cup of freshly roasted coffee is always welcome regardless of where it’s served, but it’s particularly special when you can enjoy the brew in such a well-composed setting. Come for a cup of your favorite brew, and plan to spend some time relaxing with some phrases from an accomplished wordsmith. Bring a friend who has a similar love of literature, or visit alone so you can enjoy everything undisturbed.

A few of our menu favorites at The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company include:

Freshly Roasted Coffee
Freshly roasted coffee always tastes lively no matter where it comes from, for coffee is an agricultural product that slowly goes stale over time. If you’ve never had a fresh-roasted brew, get a bag to take home and see what you’ve been missing. Pick whichever currently available roast has flavor notes you like.

A concoction worthy of the Bard himself, the Shakespeare combines espresso, steamed milk, chocolate and hazelnut for a full and classic combination. Whipped cream finishes the drink off with tasteful elegance. Pair it with a favorite sonnet from one of his works for full enjoyment.

Daily Sonnet
The “Daily Sonnet” is the Quiche of the Day. While it changes each day of the week, each one is delicious. Get this if you’re looking for something a little more filling than a cookie or coffee cake.

Insider Tip:
For non-coffee hydration, you can choose from Teas, Tea Lattes, Real Fruit Smoothies and Italian Sodas. Naturally, hot chocolate is also always available.