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Lillo’s Tuscan Grille

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Lillo's Tuscan Grille – Visit for Authentic Italian Fare Served Piping Hot
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4 / 5
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Offering both takeout and dine-in options, Lillo’s Tuscan Grille has quickly become the place to go for Italian goodness with locals and tourists alike. They are well-known for preparing every dish using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques, creating truly memorable meals. They pair their delicious food with exceptional service to provide the ultimate dining experience for all their guests.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

At Lillo’s Tuscan Grille, you can dine on authentic Italian dishes made with fresh ingredients and served piping hot. Appetizers galore allow you to whet your palate and start your meal out right. With so many great options, you will never grow tired of their tasty bites of seafood and pasta, though remember to save room for your meal.

For their main courses, they have tons of traditional fare, from fettuccine alfredo to pizza pie. They also have imaginative creations, including their house specialty spagasagna, an innovative mashup of spaghetti and lasagna. You can even get your fill of the catch of the day or enjoy a ribeye steak, cooked to perfection.   

In addition to serving up beautifully-prepared meals time and time again, they make quality service a top priority as well. Their servers are warm and welcoming to all who walk through the doors, hoping to treat you to an excellent dining experience.

Local favorites include:

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Boat
The New Orleans BBQ shrimp boat starts with fresh-caught shrimp simmered in garlic butter. Rosemary and Cajun seasonings are added to the butter to heighten the flavors even more. Then, the entire dish is poured onto a garlic loaf for your immediate enjoyment.  

A Taste of Italy
For the full experience, nothing beats ordering up a taste of Italy, which is prepared for two to share. This meal comes with generous servings of spagasagna, cannelloni, manicotti, eggplant parmesan, meatballs, and sausage. A 7” cheese pizza rounds out the offerings and helps balance all the rich flavors in this dish.  

One part spaghetti, one part lasagna, the spagasagna is a true sight to behold. This dish features a rich meat sauce made using the finest ingredients and a family recipe passed down through the generations. The sauce is poured over the top of spaghetti noodles cooked al dente, which is then promptly covered with a generous helping of cheese.

Veal Marsala
To make the veal marsala, they start by sautéing mushrooms and onions with a ton of garlic and spices. Over the top of those ingredients, they create a rich marsala wine sauce, then add veal cutlets to simmer as it reduces. The veal cooks to perfection in the sauce, creating a tantalizing mix of flavors. This dish can be prepared using chicken instead of veal if you prefer.

Lillo’s Famous Pizza Pie
At Lillo’s, they take great pride in creating traditional pizza pies using a variety of incredible ingredient combinations. You can choose from their specialty creations or make your own by selecting from all their different ingredients. Many of their specialty pies have been created by regulars to celebrate all they love about the region, including the iconic clam pie. Made to taste like clams on a cracker, this pizza features clams paired with bell peppers, onions, and garlic on a crispy crust.

When you arrive at this restaurant, you have the option of dining inside or in their outdoor seating area where you can take in the spectacular view of the Pensacola Bay. If you time your visit just right, you can catch a view of the sunset cascading across the water, which is worth the trip by itself. If you prefer to take your food to go, they offer that option as well, which is great news for those who want to take their meals back home or to their hotel.

Insider Tips:
– The restaurant is hidden in an old Quality Inn, which can make it somewhat hard to find.
– When dining with a group of five or more, expect to have an 18 percent gratuity added to your order. You can tip more if you want, however.
– No matter the size of the party, they also issue an extra charge for all split orders.