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End of the Line Cafe

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End of the Line Cafe - Vegan Food and Drinks
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

End of the Line Cafe specializes in vegan and ethically sourced foods and drinks. With a wide range of meals, snacks, coffees, teas and adult beverages, this is a place where everyone can find something they like. When you want something that tastes good and you can feel good about eating, this is the place to come.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

End of the Line Cafe makes vegan foods and drinks in-house from ethically sourced ingredients. The menu features a wide variety of items, and even non-vegan family and friends will be impressed with how good whatever they order is.

The main menu at End of the Line Cafe is full of vegan takes on beloved favorites, such as a vegan B.L.T. with non-meat bacon, Surfer Burrito with black beans, and Grilled Portobello Panini. The selection spans salads, wraps and sandwiches, and there’s an assortment of Mediterranean dishes that feature dolmades, hummus, falafel and similar vegan foods.

Complementing the main menu are weekly dinner and brunch menus, which change weekly depending on what’s currently available. There also are plenty of allergen-free menu options for diners with sensitivities.

For drinks, the cafe has a menu that’s as extensive as its food menus. Beer and wine are available if adults would like them, but the real beverage highlights are the on-tap kombucha, teas and coffees. True to the vegan focus, any drinks that are normally milk-based get made with soy, almond or oat milk.

Everything, from the sprouts to the vegan meat, is made in-house and sourced responsibly. The restaurant isn’t strictly organic, but the ingredients are non-GMO, organic and local whenever possible.

All of this is served up in an atmosphere that’s perfectly relaxed and offers plenty of seating. The large outdoor patio has tables for sit-down service, and there’s an outdoor bar for anyone who just needs a drink. Local musicians play outside regularly, although there’s also an indoor area for inclement weather.

For vegan food that tastes good and you can feel good about eating, head to End of the Line Cafe. Regardless of whether you’re normally vegan or not, you’ll be in for a treat when you dine here.

A few of our favorite menu items at End of the Line Cafe include:

Vegan Cheese
The Vegan Cheese is made in-house from cashews, and it’s a favorite of both staff members and customers. Order some 24 hours ahead, and bring it home with you after your meal.

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that has the perfect combination of sweet, sour and fizzy. It doesn’t get any better than when you have a glass straight from the tap.

Cafe Cubano
A Cafe Cubano brews strong, espresso-like coffee right onto sugar crystals. The result is an intensely sweet and strong cup that has a natural frothiness. After just one, you’ll be well energized.

Olive Tapenade on Warm Baguette
Toasted focaccia is topped with roasted red peppers, garlic, mozzarella, Parmesan and an olive salad that’s made in house. Order one to share, or have it all yourself as a meal.

Awesome Falafel
If you’re a fan of falafel, the Awesome Falafel isn’t to be missed. It comes with falafel, hummus, quinoa tabouli, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, onion, cucumbers and spicy tahini sauce for a meal that’s as delicious as it is filling.

Insider Tip:
If you see artwork on the wall that you like, ask the staff about it. The decor is all done by local artists and most of it’s for sale.