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Hana Japan

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Hana Japan: Authentic Japanese Cuisine in Pier Park
Local Expert's Rating:
3.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Enjoy an authentic, freshly prepared meal at Hana Japan, which specializes in sushi and teriyaki. This Panama City Beach restaurant may be small, but its food is delicious and reasonably priced enough to warrant a visit during a busy day at Pier Park.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Craving sushi? Head to Hana Japan in Panama City Beach, where you’ll find an authentic menu that will quickly have you salivating. This small restaurant may not be as popular as some competing Pier Park establishments, but that’s exactly why regulars are so loyal. When you visit, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in convenience while skipping the crowds that other nearby restaurants tend to attract.

When you arrive, you’ll instantly notice that Hana Japan is far from fancy. Although a small seating area is available, this restaurant primarily sticks with counter service, with regulars often ordering for takeaway and then waiting briefly for their food to be made fresh. This freshness constitutes a significant component of the establishment’s appeal. The sushi, teriyaki, and sides served here are prepared with true attention to detail — and many dishes are served piping hot. The owners clearly care about supplying visitors with a quality meal. Given that everything is prepared fresh, you might expect a long wait, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the speed with which you receive your order.

The inside tables are pleasant, but you’ll definitely want to take your meal outside if you have the opportunity. There, you can enjoy a great view as you take in the hustle and bustle of Pier Park. LAter, you can follow up your enjoyable meal with a treat from the Marble Slab Creamery next door or your go-to beverage from Starbucks. 

Our favorite menu items include the following:

Rainbow Roll
One of several specialty sushi options offered at Hana Japan, this simple, yet delightful roll almost looks too pretty to eat. It consists of a standard California roll topped with tuna, salmon, and avocado.

Volcano Roll
At the heart of this dynamic option lies the restaurant’s classic Philly roll recipe, featuring cream cheese and salmon. The fun doesn’t stop there, however. The roll is topped with crunchy spicy crab meat and masago, thereby ensuring a sushi experience you won’t quickly forget. 

Garden Roll
Vegetable rolls abound at Hana Japan, but this is arguably the most enjoyable of the restaurant’s veggie options. It comes loaded with carrots, cucumber, and avocado. Not only will you feel completely satisfied after eating this eight-piece option, you’ll be proud of yourself for choosing something so healthy.

Chicken Teriyaki Special
Not a fan of sushi? Not a problem. When you visit Hana Japan, your companions can happily chow down on sushi while you enjoy an alternate meal that’s just as delicious. This satisfying special also comes with vegetables and rice. Feel free to substitute the rice for soba noodles for a small additional charge.

Although technically listed as a side dish, this simple order of eight Japanese potstickers can form the basis of an excellent meal, especially if paired with a spring roll (which is also included on the menu for side orders). 

Sushi may form the basis of the menu at Hana Japan, but there’s plenty to keep both adventurous and picky eaters happy. Your experience at this charming Japanese restaurant might not be fancy, but you’ll be pleased with the quality of the food and the ease of ordering. 

Insider Tips:
– Communication can sometimes prove difficult when ordering. When in doubt, plan to thoroughly examine the menu posted outside and make your choice before you head in to order. This will help you get through the ordering process with ease.
– Keep in mind that the food served at Hana Japan constitutes more of an authentic style than what you may have experienced at other sushi or teriyaki restaurants in the area. This sometimes catches guests off guard; the rice to salmon ratio, for example, may be a little high for some guests’ tastes. Consider ordering a bento box, which allows you to try a variety of dishes without committing to just one.