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Diego’s Burrito Factory & Margarita Bar

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Diego's Burrito Factory: Allowing You to Build Your Version of a Perfect Burrito
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4.5 / 5
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Diego's Burrito Factory may be best known for "rolling a fat one," as the restaurant's motto claims, but in addition to mouthwatering burritos, you'll find tasty margaritas and friendly vibes at this Panama City Beach gem.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

If you demand complete control over your burrito-eating experience, you will definitely want to hit up Diego’s Burrito Factory & Margarita Bar in Panama City Beach. This DIY Mexican restaurant allows you to craft your dream burrito, street tacos, or nachos — you can stuff these delectable entrees with the exact ingredients you desire. 

The ordering process is fairly straightforward. Begin with your entree selection. Options range from nachos and street tacos to the burritos for which Diego’s Burrito Factory & Margarita Bar is named. Keep in mind that the meat selection is limited for both types of street tacos. Depending on what’s available, your entree may include grilled shrimp, carnitas, chicken, or ground beef. A veggie recipe is also available for vegetarians. A variety of toppings are offered, including pinto beans, roasted corn, fresh mango pico de gallo, and chipotle mayo. 

If you intend to visit with youngsters, you’re in luck — Diego’s Burrito Factory & Margarita Bar offers a limited children’s menu that includes burritos, quesadillas, and soft tacos. Kids are also welcome to order off the main menu. Visiting with picky children could be a challenge, however, as the restaurant does not serve chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or other meals that super finicky kids might demand. Most should be satisfied with the quesadilla.

As an adult, your range of options is far more expansive for both food and drinks. Don’t hesitate to order a margarita to go with your burrito. You’ll find plenty of options on the drink menu, including a signature margarita, a skinny margarita with agave nectar and lime, and a michelada featuring beer, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and enticing spices. 

The ordering process can initially be confusing, but once you figure it out, you’ll find that the service is fast. The bartenders are especially friendly and can whip up your favorite beverage in no time at all. Feel free to enjoy both your drink and your meal on the outdoor patio.

A few of our favorite menu items at Diego’s Burrito Factory & Margarita include the following:

Diego’s Picante Salsa & Chips
Nothing complements a burrito or quesadilla quite like fresh salsa and tortilla chips. Diego’s Burrito Factory offers a variety of excellent salsas and dips, but the version with the restaurant’s name attached is arguably the best. 

Burrito is in the restaurant’s name, so this entree is a safe bet. Not only can you choose from a variety of meats, cheeses, and fillings, but you can also select your burrito shell: wheat, flour, spinach, or even spicy. You’ll want to arrive hungry, as the burritos at Diego’s Burrito Factory are sizable.

Mexican Street Tacos
Multiple varieties of street tacos are available at Diego’s, but the Mexican version is worth ordering purely because you’ll find greater versatility in terms of ingredients. Favorites include steak, carnitas, and chicken. The street tacos are available as either a single or a double order; the single is best selected if you intend to sample the restaurant’s other offerings. 

Tres Leches Cake
If you manage to save room for dessert, be sure to try this delectable cake, which can best be described as heavenly. What better way to end an excellent dining experience?

It’s tough to provide any semblance of detail in describing Diego’s Burrito Factory entrees, as such a diverse array of options are available. Whether you crave street tacos, quesadillas, or a sizable burrito, you can be absolutely certain that your made-to-order meal will be delicious. 

Insider Tips:
-If you find the ordering process intimidating, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for directions. Thinking of Diego’s as a local version of Chipotle may help you to better understand how ordering works.
-Keep an eye on Diego’s Burrito Factory website and official Facebook page to learn more about upcoming events. In the past, the restaurant has hosted special events for Cinco de Mayo and National Margarita Day.