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Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Chipotle Mexican Grill - Real Food, Responsibly Sourced
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Chipotle Mexican Grill serves up Mex-American style food that’s fresh, tasty and responsibly sourced. For a quick meal that your mother would approve of, come here and get a burrito or other Mexican-inspired item. All menu items are made-to-order, so everyone in your party can customize the food to their liking.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

As for what’s on the menu, most of the Mex-American inspired dishes offer some form of protein, a variety of vegetables and a casing that holds everything together. Burritos are one of the most common dishes, but they’re also are tacos and salad bowls (for those who want no starch). Proteins include a few types of meat and a couple of different beans, and there are a plethora of various vegetables in the salsas and toppings. Cheese, sour cream and other delicious additions are also available.

For customers who are on restricted diets, the eatery is able to easily accommodate many different needs through its salad bowls. There’s a Vegetarian Bowl, Vegan Bowl, Paleo Salad Bowl, Keto Salad Bowl, and others.

Drink options consist of several non-alcoholic choices, and kids’ meals are available.

The food here is served counter-style, where customers order at a counter and then take it to a table or get it to-go. This provides for fast and efficient service, all while offering meals everyone can agree on.

When you want a healthy meal that’s full of flavor. Chipotle Mexican Grill is an excellent choice. The prices are affordable, the portions are large and the meals are delicious.

A few of our favorite menu items at Chipotle Mexican Grill include:

Perhaps the most classic item here, the Burrito is large enough to be two meals for some. The burrito shell wrapping helps hold everything together, but you’ll need two hands to eat this one.

Burrito Bowl
For those who want the burrito in a more manageable form, skip the shell and dump everything into a bowl. A fork is easier to handle than a massive roll.

Similar in concept to the burrito, the salad is highly customizable but replaces the burrito’s rice with fresh lettuce.

Chips and Guacamole
The guacamole is made fresh in-house each day. Get some on your main meal, and get some extra on the side. The chips are just so you can eat it in a respectable manner.

Chips and Queso
The queso is just as delicious as the guac. You may need an order of both to decide which you prefer.

Insider Tip:
– Because the guacamole is made in-house each day, it might not be ready immediately at open. Try to come at least a little bit after the official open time so that the employees have time to make guacamole. The delay will be worth it.