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AutentiKa Mexican Grille

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Autentika Mexican Grill - A Casual Eatery Serving Real Mexican Favorites
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

AutentiKa Mexican Grille puts it all in their name. You can expect authentic Mexican food the way the owner's grandmother used to make it. This family-owned business has managed to impress some very picky locals and tourists from all over the world with its carnitas and chiles rellenos. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

As you might imagine from the name AutentiKA Mexican Grille prides itself on serving up real Mexican dishes that don’t take any shortcuts. Everything you see on the menu is homemade and prepared fresh as soon as you order it. So feel free to make a few adjustments to your order because the chefs have the flexibility to create a dish you’ll love. 

The menu is not exactly huge, but it is stacked with the classics. Burritos, nachos, fajitas: if you’re craving a well-known favorite, you’ll be able to order it here. This business may have only gotten its start in 2017, but it’s managed to make a strong impression in a short amount of time. Customers rave over the quality of the food and the attention to detail. The sauces are made with multiple notes to complement your main dish (but never mask it). 

Family-owned and operated, the recipes were passed down from the grandmother of owner Lucy Rodriguez from Michoacan Mexico. Calling back the tastes from the fiestas of her youth, everything on the menu is a tribute to the tastes of home for Lucy. Her husband and children make their own contributions, but everyone seems to agree that Lucy is the master. The a la carte style was created specifically so no one had to compromise on what they wanted. 

When you’re at AutentiKa Mexican Grille, here are a few must-tries:

Chile Rellenos
By far the stand-out dish for so many of its patrons, the chile Rellenos is a cheesy pepper that you’re unlikely to forget anytime soon. The spicy poblano mixed with the balancing Oaxaca cheese has left people craving the meal long after they head back home. 

Carnitas Nachos 
The flavorful pork combines with the crisp chips and cheese in this little plate of heaven. This meat has spent a lot of time soaking up the many ingredients in the marinade, and you’ll taste all of them as you work your way through this generous portion. 

Torta Del Gallo 
If you’re in the mood for a breakfast sandwich, Torta Del Gallo comes complete with eggs, beans, Mexican crema, salsa, cilantro, and cheese. You can also choose between either bacon or sausage to really get you going in the morning. The tortas are a favorite for the patrons here, in part because the toasted roll manages to bring together all of the best flavors in one bite. 

The custard goodness in flan is meant as a cooling finisher to a hot and spicy meal. Whether you polished off the hot sauce or not though, the flan at AutentiKa Mexican Grille has been hailed for its perfect combination of creamy sweetness. 

Wet Chicken Burrito 
Every meat is marinaded perfectly before it ever reaches your plate. The wet burrito is smothered in enchilada sauce as well as cheese, crema, tomatoes, and cilantro. Inside, the chicken is garnished with rice and beans, crema, salsa, and it’s all wrapped up in a 12-inch flour tortilla. 

The family who runs this place takes great pride in ensuring that every guest is well taken care of when they’re here. The lofty goals of providing the best in service and food have managed to sit well with nearly every customer who walks through their doors. 

Insider Tips:
– If you’re hungry for a big plate of huevos rancheros in the morning, AutentiKa has you covered. 
– You can also arrange catering if you’re planning a big event in PCB. 
– There are daily specials based on the owner’s whims of the day, so be prepared to order off-menu. 
– The decorations were, in part, taken from the owner’s own home.