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Angelo’s Steak Pit

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Angelo’s Steak Pit in Panama City Beach: Get Your Hickory-Fired Beef On!
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4 / 5
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A retro vibe and by-the-books menu define the Angelo’s Steak Pit experience. This place has served generations of Panama City Beach diners, and for those willing to spend a little more and go for the “turf” side of Emerald Coast cuisine, this friendly steakhouse—unmissable given the giant steer outside—typically hits the mark.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Looking for Angelo’s Steak Pit? You don’t have to look hard: Just keep an eye peeled for the 20,000-pound steer statue—“Big Gus”—outside the entrance. Heavy-horned and well-muscled, he suggests both the ambiance and the menu inside: a western-themed steakhouse with a focus on on-the-hoof red meat.

Corn-fed beef takes center stage here: ribeye, filet mignon, sirloin, T-bone, and other steak cuts cooked over a hickory-fed pit. That preparation imparts a smoky flavor that may take some steak lovers by surprise (and not be to everyone’s liking, necessarily). The BBQ chicken and ribs get the same treatment.

On the “surf” side of things—this is the Emerald Coast, after all—you’ll find such offerings as fried grouper, red snapper, and jumbo shrimp, plus crab fingers, jumbo shrimp cocktail, and a classic steak-and-shrimp combo plate. 

Angelo’s Steak Pit is a pretty darn meat-heavy place—the name, plus Big Gus’s imposing presence, should have clued you into that right off the bat—but roughage has its place on the menu, too. You’ve got vegetarian beef soup, sautéed mushrooms, and steamed veggies, for example, to opt for among the starters and sides.

The desserts come dominated by pies, which (all things considered) isn’t exactly a bad thing. Apple pie, Key lime pie, French silk pie, Angelo’s Famous Angel Pie—this is sweet stuff that can wrap up a steakhouse feast on the perfect note.

Drinks-wise, you’ve got wine, champagne, beer, and spirits from the Longhorn Saloon, plus coffee, tea, soft drinks, and other non-alcoholic beverages. 

Let’s have a look at some of the menu highlights at Angelos Steak Pit:

Meaty Barbecue Ribs
Broiled over an open pit flamed with hickory wood, the barbecue ribs are succulent and flavorsome at Angelo’s Steak Pit. You can order five as an appetizer nibble, or crank it up with 10 (our recommendation).

Russet Baked Potato
“Fully loaded” is the way to describe the baked potato at Angelo’s Steak Pit: dressed up enough to hold its own with any of the carnivorous items on the menu. You can order this as a standalone side or choose it to accompany your entree; either way, you’ll surely be happy you went this route.

Jumbo Fried Onion Rings
The onion rings at Angelo’s Steak Pit aren’t messing around: either in the size department—these are “jumbo” indeed—or the indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness of ‘em. 

Ribeye Steak
When in Rome, right? This is a long-running steakhouse, and to sample its real bread-and-butter (so to speak) we suggest going for the juicy, smoky ribeye.

Angelo’s Steak Pit isn’t the kind of restaurant that tries to stay current with the times, either in the cuisine or the atmospherics departments. But if you’re feeling a little spendy and want to get your straight-shooting red-meat fix in the seafood-heavy Panama City Beach area, it definitely fits the bill: “Steer” your way in this direction (pardon the pun)!

Insider Tip:
-This place can get loud—and mighty busy. You’ll have the smoothest ride if you come early, and make sure everybody in your party is there with you to ensure you’ll be seated promptly.