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Okaloosa Donuts

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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Get a taste of a local breakfast favorite and stop at Okaloosa Donuts in Fort Walton Beach. The creative decorations and doughnut flavors, tasty food, and excellent coffee keep this shop a long-time favorite of locals and visitors.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Start your day of touring the Fort Walton Beach area off with a tasty breakfast. Visit Okaloosa Donuts for creative flavors and artistically decorated breakfast pastries and more. Old and young alike love the numerous breakfast options served at this locally owned and operated doughnut shop that adds a little something extra to everything.

Okaloosa Donuts’ motto is “It’s better with sprinkles.” While not all the doughnuts sold have sprinkles, you’ll find creative touches on the doughnuts and everything else at this shop. Visiting Okaloosa Donuts is a morning experience that you won’t forget.

Near the entrance, you’ll see a photo prop that lets you put your face into that of the store’s doughnut-holding cat. Make sure to get a picture before going inside. Brightly colored walls and a range of creative doughnuts await you inside.

The popularity of this shop becomes evident when you see the merchandise corner. Here, you have a selection of hats, shirts, mugs, decals, and other forms of Okaloosa Donuts gear to add to your breakfast order. Like the rest of the store, the designs on the merchandise are eye-catching and fun.

Some of the store’s most popular treats are standard doughnuts with creative decorations. For example, a doughnut covered in blue icing, sugar eyes, and a cookie looks like Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. Another option is the mermaid doughnut that looks like a mermaid diving into the hole with its tail sticking up. The turtle doughnut tops a standard doughnut with holes decorated to look like a turtle.

Visitors note that all the doughnuts, whether plain, glazed, or filled taste delicious. The large sizes fill up even the heartiest of appetites. A selection that includes coffee drinks, doughnuts, and breakfast burritos will satisfy anyone whether they have a sweet tooth or prefer a savory breakfast. 

Among the beautifully decorated and tasty treats prepared at Okaloosa Donuts, make sure that you try one of the following highly recommended doughnuts and other breakfast treats: 

Maple Bacon Doughnut 
The combination of sweet, salty, and savory flavors appears in meals such as chicken and waffles or pancakes with bacon. So, of course, Okaloosa Donuts taps into this creative taste combo with its maple bacon pastry. 

While other doughnut shops might use small crumbles of bacon on their bacon-flavored doughnuts, Okaloosa Donuts places four half-strips around the top of the maple-iced treat. You get a sweet and savory doughnut that surpasses your expectations. Frequently, visitors who tried the maple bacon doughnut ranked it as their top treat or tied for their favorite option. 

Breakfast Burrito 
Breakfast burritos come with eggs, cheese, and your choice of additional proteins. Options for proteins may vary based on availability but have included spicy chorizo sausage, bacon, hot buffalo chicken, or a loaded with everything. Make sure to try the burrito special if you see one offered when you visit. Previous specials have included sausage gravy with biscuits and jambalaya burrito fillings. 

The burritos appeal to adults and kids who may not want a doughnut at the start of the day.  Thanks to the kitchen that freshly prepares these burritos when you order, you can enjoy a fresh, hot breakfast when you visit Okaloosa Donuts. 

Apple Fritter 
Apple fritters appear as staples of many doughnut shop menus. However, visitors to Okaloosa Donuts tout the exceptional flavor and size of the fritters served there. Comments about them include visitors ranking them as the best they’ve ever had or the best fritters in the area. 

The massive apple fritters served at Okaloosa Donuts come packed with cinnamon and apple flavors. While fried and glazed, they don’t taste greasy or excessively sugary. If you like apple pie, you must try the apple fritters at Okaloosa Donuts. You get all the flavors of an apple pie in a personal-sized fried pastry. 

Whether you crave a sweet doughnut or a hearty breakfast burrito, you must make at least one stop at Okaloosa Donuts while in Fort Walton Beach.

Insider Tips:
-Arrive as early as possible to ensure that you can get your favorite treats. 
-This is a grab-and-go shop without seating or public restrooms. Plan somewhere to enjoy your breakfast after picking it up.