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Maas Coffee Roasters

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Maas Coffee Roasters — Where to Go for Fresh Roasted Beans, Beverages, and More
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Maas Coffee Roasters makes it their mission to provide Fort Walton Beach, Florida, with tantalizing coffee, tea, and much more. They roast all their beans to perfection and brew them up into whatever drinks you can dream up. If you’d rather whip up your drinks at home, they sell everything you need to create your own mini kitchen coffeeshop.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Maas Coffee Roasters is much more than a cute little coffee shop set alongside the 30A. It’s also a place to buy freshly roasted coffee beans, local loose-leaf tea, and artisan goods, including awesome coffee mugs. Since they roast all their coffee by hand on the regular, you certainly won’t find anything like it across Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and beyond.

You can come in to order your hot, iced, or blended drinks to go or settle down onsite to enjoy your drinks. They have limited seating inside and even more spots on the patio for when you want to chill for a while. When you want a bite to eat to go with your beverage of choice, you can treat yourself to a pastry or bagel with cream cheese.

If you want to relive your Maas coffee experience every morning, but don’t have the budget for pre-made beverages all the time, get their beans and make your drinks at home. You can buy the whole beans by the pound and grind them in-store to your ideal texture. They have more than a dozen excellent varieties on tap at all times and even sell them in five-pound bulk bags when you really want to stock up.

You can also stock up on loose leaf tea while you’re here. They have many unique kinds from K&G Blended, all bagged up and ready to go. Don’t forget to get all the fixings as well, including honey, coffee syrups, and mugs from local artisans.

Their most popular drinks include:

Since they roast all their beans onsite, their espresso is always a top choice, and you cannot go wrong with the Macchiato. They brew up their beans strong to start off this drink and then steam the milk until it’s frothy and hot. As those two come together, they create the perfect drink to start your day. Make it even better with your favorite coffee syrup, like vanilla, chocolate, caramel, or all three.

Chai Tea
If coffee is not your thing, give their Chai Tea a try. This spicy drink begins with black tea brewed using locally sourced loose-leaf blends. Once it’s piping hot, they add a dash of spices, including cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. A little bit of milk, or a substitute if you wish, and your drink is ready to warm you up from head to toe.

Italian Soda
For something a little brighter and caffeine-free, order up an Italian Soda. You’ll just need to select from their fruity flavors to kick off your order. With that combo in mind, they will add your selected syrups to an icy seltzer water base before pouring in a dash of heavy cream to finish it all off right.

If you live out of state and find yourself missing this coffeeshop, give them a call and order some beans. They happily ship their roasted beans all over the country. Ask nice and they will likely add other favorites to your order as long as it can ship it all safely.

Insider Tips:
– They frequently close early with very little warning. You can check their Facebook page to see if they will be open before you come down.
– If you need your non-dairy options for your coffee or tea, just let them know. They have many alternatives available, though they’re not clearly marked on the menu.
– Parking is hard to find near the shop, especially during peak hours. You may have to park far away and walk a bit, so bring your sneakers.
– Bring your own cup for a small discount.
– If paying with a credit or debit card, expect an extra charge.