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Burrito Del Sol

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Burrito Del Sol in Destin: “Florida-Mex” Taco & Burrito Goodness
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4.5 / 5
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Small, laidback, and friendly, Burrito Del Sol brings some of the flavors of Baja and coastal Mexico to the Emerald Coast. House-made sauces, four distinct styles of preparation, and a fully customizable menu make this local favorite a cut above.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Begun as a food truck in the owners’ hometown of Destin, graduated to a brick-and-mortar in Fort Walton beach, and now opened as the same back in Destin as well, Burrito Del Sol is one of the area’s better choices for taco or burrito hankerings.

Choose between the cozy interior seating or the outdoor patio: Both are pretty charming. You’ll order at the counter and a server will bring your meal to you wherever you end up.

This is basically a choose-your-own adventure “Florida-Mex” joint. You start off by deciding what sort of tortilla vessel you want your well-seasoned, slow-cooked goodness served in. A classic burrito? A taco? Taco salad? Quesadilla? Nachos, with a healthy bed of tortilla chips as your foundation? It’s hard to choose, of course, but maybe you’ve got a dining partner or four you can steal bites from.

Fillings include chicken and steak that may be slow-cooked for seven hours or more as well as ground beef, grilled shrimp, grilled fish, and—if meat’s not your thing—some grilled, ginger-marinated tempeh.

The real crux of your decision comes down to which of the four preparation styles calls to your taste buds. There’s Baja-style with its Baja sauce, pineapple salsa, cilantro, cabbage, and fresh lime. There’s Southwest-style, with red salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and corn. There’s BBQ, which takes the Southwest base and adds pineapple salsa and (of course) BBQ sauce. And there’s Chipotle-style with its chipotle sauce, red salsa, red cabbage, Monterey cheese, and fresh lime.

Sides include chips and queso, salsa, or guacamole as well as rice or black beans and standalone queso and guac sides.

The salsas, guacamole, and Baja and chipotle sauces get a lot of their magic by being prepared in-house fresh daily.

You can wash your taco or burrito or quesadilla or whatever down with a local craft brew, a Mexican cerveza, or perhaps the Classic or Strawberry Margarita—not to mention such non-boozy libations of soda, tea, and bottled water. (The afternoon happy hours on weekdays serve up some nice deals on beer and margaritas, by the way.)

Here are a few specific Burrito Del Sol menu items worth a little spotlight!

Chipotle-Style Fish Tacos
These are addictive. You can choose to have your fish, which is prepared with the Burrito Del Sol homemade seasoning, either grilled or blackened.

Baja-Style Tempeh Burrito
Those who don’t eat meat will be tickled that Burrito Del Sol offers the option of tempeh, which is tasty enough that even carnivores might opt for it over the other fillings.

Pineapple Salsa
The red salsa’s also great, but this house-made pineapple stuff is a home run: great in your burrito, taco, quesadilla, or nachos, and great for a chips-and-salsa appetizer.

You’ll probably end up wanting to come back again and again to Burrito Del Sol to try all those four styles in all their various combinations, but needless to say that sounds like it’s going to be a fun task ahead of you!

Insider Tip:
Want a bit of crunch to your burrito? Spring to have it pressed at the very end for a mere extra dollar.