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Burrito del Sol

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Burrito Del Sol - A Fast, Flavorful, and Fun Spot to Eat
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4.5 / 5
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Burrito Del Sol is beloved by patrons for its balanced flavors and quality ingredients. The meats are slow-roasted, the veggies are fresh, and the sauces are to die for. This location may be largely quick-serve with a creat-your-own menu, but it also features a full bar, tons of tables, and live music during the week.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Burrito Del Sol merges Florida and Mexican cuisine to the delight of its many customers. The Fort Walton Beach location is fast, clean, and affordable, giving locals every reason to come in again and again. The quick-service restaurant recently got a bit of a makeover due to its popularity in the area, adding a full bar and more space for the clientele. But even with the extra seating, it may not be easy to find a place to sit. 

When you’re here, you’re the boss of the menu. You pick the shell, protein, toppings, style, and extras. Regardless of the dish you order, patrons are impressed at the flavors that Burrito Del Sol manages to pack into its dishes. Their recipes aren’t about loading the food up with stereotypical Mexican spices, but about carefully calibrating and balancing each spice to bring out the best in the meat, veggies, and toppings. From the sauces to the slaw, no condiment or accouterment is overlooked.

And if you’re not in the mood to create your own burrito, the staff offers specials of the day to keep the menu fresh and funky. So if you’ve never tried a cheeseburgerrito (or a cross between a cheeseburger and a burrito), then you may just want to order off the specials board if it catches your eye on the day of your visit. 

This restaurant got its start in 2012 after two brothers quit their jobs for a food truck in Destin. They may not have anticipated the sudden growth that followed, but their customer base likely did. The pair is so committed to quality and consistency that it wasn’t long before they needed a much bigger space than just a food truck. If you stop in on the right night, you may even get to see some local talent in the form of live music. 

If you find yourself in Burrito Del Sol in Fort Walton Beach, here are a few must-try items:

Baja Style 
When you’re creating your own burrito, you have the option of different styles. Baja style includes red cabbage, Monterey cheese, baja sauce, pineapple salsa, and fresh lime. This traditional style may be inspired by the flavors of West Mexico, but the combination is just as tasty in Fort Walton Beach. 

Taco Salad 
If you’re not in the mood for a standard burrito, the taco salad starts with a fried flour tortilla bowl with black beans and rice. It provides just enough variation (and lots of crunch) if you’re looking for a bit of a departure from the norm. 

The melted cheese sauce at Burrito Del Sol packs quite a punch of rich goodness in every bite. Whether it’s drizzled over nachos, tacos, or burritos, we recommend adding queso whenever possible. Or just get a side of chips and let the queso serve as your dunking companion.  

Blackened Shrimp
When it comes to reviews of this place, the blackened shrimp pops up again and again. While you can get this flavorful protein in any form, it seems to be most popular in their baja-style tacos. It’s an excellent way to add spice to your day. 

There’s a reason why Burrito Del Sol has managed to grow a very loyal clientele, and it’s not because it’s the only burrito joint in town. When you stop by, you can create the perfect burrito stuffed with fresh ingredients and plenty of flavor.  

Insider Tips:
– Add free queso to any burrito on Wednesdays for free. 
– Check out the live music from local talents on Thursday nights. 
– Burrito Del Sol offers daily specials in addition to the create-your-burrito menu.