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Paul Gant’s Bar B Que

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Paul Gant’s Bar B Que - Savory, Intense Flavor in Port St. Joe, FL
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4.5 / 5
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From humble beginnings to passing homemade recipes down for years, Paul Gant’s Bar B Que offers flavorful, fall-off-the-bone ribs and sides. This unassuming location offers the ideal combination for a BBQ location – well-seasoned and prepared ribs, chicken, ham, and turkey and huge portions.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Paul Gant’s Bar B Que is a small restaurant offering carryout meals. The recipes are all based on family tradition, passed down through the years by people like Paul Gant Senior. He was passionate about not just serving people good food, but also in the specific meat preparations used to create the unique flavors and intense flavors found at Paul Gant’s Bar B Que.

The menu is full of flavor, starting with the most sought-after option, the Boston Butt. Served as a sandwich or on its own, this slow-cooked pork is moist and tender. They also offer chicken, ham, ribs, and turkey using the same sauces and slow-cooked processes.

What may be most difficult for those visiting for the first time is choosing which sides to purchase. The potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, and collard greens are all made fresh and using those same passed-down recipes. There are also options for dessert, including a full peach cobbler, banana pudding, or sweet potato pie.

The small, food truck-like location has been present for over 30 years – and has made it through hurricanes to continue to offer the foods so many in the community offer. There’s often a wait during dinners and lunches, but most people are happy to wait to get a chance at this meal.  The location is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They also offer catering, which is perhaps one of the best ways to get to sample it all.

Though worth the drive from a good distance, Paul Gant’s Bar B Que is just minutes from the waterfront itself. It’s easy to miss, too, since it is not more than a food truck on the side of the road. Look for the big, smoking pit.

A few of our menu favorites at Paul Gant’s Bar B Que include the following:

Boston Butt
The Boston Butt Sandwich is a signature item here. This loaded sandwich – which is enough to split between two people – is full of flavor. There is a pile of the slow-cooked pork on a thick bun. There is a full one-pound option, or larger options available as well. The sauce is served on the side, letting you decide how much is right for you.

Paul Gant’s Bar B Que is also well known for its ribs. These are meaty, big ribs that have been smoked for hours with both a seasoning on them and the company’s signature BBQ sauce. You can purchase a whole or a half rack or a dinner plate that includes sides. The ribs virtually fall off the bone.

Peach Cobbler
For dessert, the peach cobbler is highly recommended. It has a lot of flavor and is made fresh. It’s possible to purchase just a single portion (in two size options) or the whole thing. A large number of peaches go into making this along with its soft, flaky crust.

Collard Greens
For those seeking a truly authentic Southern favorite, the collard greens are ideal. They are packed with intense flavor with a bit of smoke from the ham in them. Prepared using a family recipe, the greens are a must for those who want fresh, but intense flavor.

The smoked chicken is another must-try choice. The chicken is smoked whole for hours and basted with the company’s BBQ sauce. It is tender and juicy. A whole chicken may be perfect for sharing, while others will want to check out the chicken sandwich. The sandwich is ideal for lunch.

Insider Tips:
– For lunch, ask for the rib sandwich. It’s an easier-to-eat option. They pull the rib meat off the bone to create this sticky, filling sandwich.
– If there’s a need, the company offers impressive catering services. They will come to most locations to serve their entire menu.