Top 3 Dolphin Tours in Cape San Blas

There’s something truly magical about spotting dolphins out in the wild. From the way they powerfully glide through the water to their chattering calls, these sea creatures’ antics never fail to delight.

Unfortunately, dolphin sightings can prove elusive unless you know just where their pods hang out most. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without this unforgettable experience in your life.

All you have to do is sign up for a dolphin tour in Cape San Blas to get the best chance at seeing these magnificent creatures in all their glory. Ready to get started? Here are the top three dolphin tours to consider.

About Fun Charters

About Fun Charters offers the ultimate small group tour experience across all the major waterways in Cape San Blas and beyond. Their small yet mighty boat seats up to six passengers for each trip, making it a truly intimate affair. Captain Charlene Burke expertly pilots the watercraft on all their adventures, so you just know you’re in great hands no matter where your travels take you. And the sky is the limit to where you can go, too.

Instead of offering a preplanned itinerary, the captain creates a custom adventure for every group. You just have to let her know that you’re after the best dolphin sightings around and she’ll use her Gulf Coast knowledge to decide just where to go.

Want to snorkel around before watching dolphins flit about during the sunset hour? She can definitely do that. Prefer to check out the dolphins first and then spend the rest of the trip spotting shorebirds? She’ll be happy to make that happen as well.

How much you’ll get to work into the day depends on whether you want to take a two-hour tour or get the full-day experience. There are four- and six-hour trips available as well if you prefer. When going on longer trips, remember to bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy. Snacks and beverages are a great idea for even the two-hour trip, however.

Salty Mary Snorkeling and Dolphin Tours

Salty Mary Snorkeling and Dolphin Tours offers well-curated three-hour dolphin tours for small groups. Up to six passengers can ride in style on their 25-foot Parker Pilot House watercraft for every tour. Powered by a four-stroke Yamaha 250 outboard motor, this boat keeps all its occupants safe and comfortable while traveling along the waterways around Cape San Blas. A full-shade canopy and surround sound stereo system add to the experience, ensuring that you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

To go on their tour, you’ll just need to decide if you want to head out in the morning or the afternoon. If you’re looking to fit even more adventures into the day, they do have a six-hour tour. On that trip, you’ll get the full dolphin tour experience plus a chance to explore all the beauty of Shell Island.

On all their tours, the crew provides all your snorkel gear along with tasty snacks and water. They’ll give you a cooler to use as well in case you want to bring your own items to snack on while you’re out on the boat. Upon boarding their watercraft, you’ll get a rundown of what to expect from the crew and then you’re off. They’ll take you to all the most popular places for dolphin sightings in the area while showing you beautiful landscapes and other notable scenery.

About halfway through the trip, you’ll get a chance to see marine life under the surface with a snorkeling excursion. You can also use one of their paddleboards to see how you like paddling around at your leisure. After that, you’ll hop back on the boat for another trip along the waterways before returning to the docks.

Aquabear Adventures

At Aquabear Adventures, their team spends their days taking people on public tours and private charters all across Cape San Blas. Thanks to their 45-foot sightseer catamaran, their tours are held at a much larger scale than other tour companies. In fact, they can take up to 49 passengers on every trip, opening the doors for tons of fun and excitement.

To join the fun, you can select from their three public tours and hop onboard alongside other like-minded adventurers. Or you can choose their basic private tour or the preplanned Scenic Eco-Tour itinerary. Although dolphins are a possibility on all their precisely planned tours, the basic private charter gives you the best chance at spotting these creatures. Upon booking that trip, you can elect to spend the entire time going from one dolphin sightseeing location to another.

On all their trips, you’ll get to stay cozy onboard under the full shade cover if you wish. There’s padded bench seating for all, too, plus a bathroom onboard. If you want to go snorkeling, they’re happy to make that happen and will even provide the gear you need. You’ll want to bring along your own swimsuit, of course, plus a towel, SPF 50+ reef-safe sunblock, a camera, and a cooler filled with snacks and drinks.

You really cannot go wrong no matter which of these dolphin tours you choose. But for the full experience, book a spot with all three tour providers at least once. You can then decide which one offers the ultimate dolphin tour experience and take your friends and family along for the ride the next time around.