Discover These 4 Hidden Gems in Cape San Blas

Florida’s gorgeous coastline along the Panhandle was for a long time one of its least-visited areas. Vacationers flocked instead to Walt Disney’s Orlando, the hip scene in Miami, and the island fun at the Florida Keys. However, recent years have seen a surge of interest in this area, including in visiting the gorgeous Cape San Blas and the nearby coastal town of Port St. Joe. However, while this area is gaining more interest, many still miss out on some of the best locations the area has to offer.

The following is a look at some of those less publicized, yet incredibly noteworthy gems the greater Cape San Blas area has to offer:

1. Rockin’ M Ranch

(850) 227-6117

Rockin’ M Ranch is a wonderful horseback riding company that offers a unique beach experience. When you book with them, you’ll be directed to one of the beach entrances where their riding guides will have your horses equipped and ready for you. Then, it’s a quick guide to the reins and all aboard. Experienced tour guides will then let you and your family go at your desired pace along the packed sand beach.

Rockin’ M Ranch offers morning, evening, and sunset rides as part of a greater group, or you can request a more private riding experience at your desired time, such as for an anniversary. There are a couple of horseback riding companies in the area, but we love Rockin’ M Ranch for their consistency in offering outstanding, personal care and going above and beyond with the care of their horses, as well expertly matching each rider to the best mount for them. 

2. Loggerhead Run Bike Trail

Another unique way to travel and see more of Cape San Blas is by bicycle, and one of the best biking trails in the area is the Loggerhead Run Bike Trail. The Loggerhead Run Bike Trail is an eight-mile, fully paved multi-use trail that runs the entire length of the landmass that forms Cape San Blas. One of the trailheads lies in Salinas Park, just at the start of the land that juts out and connects to mainland Florida, and the opposite trailhead lies at the tip of T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

We love this trailhead because it makes it easy and stress-free to visit various beaches, restaurants, shops, parks, and other attractions that lie on the cape. You can go fully at your own pace and travel however you wish without a vehicle, whether that’s by bicycle (several local outfitters offer rental bikes at really fair rates), rollerblades, or your own two feet. Best of all, the big state park at the end is rated as one of the best parks in the country with its fantastic beaches and a rich array of wildlife that includes nesting sea turtles and migrating birds. Just one word of caution, some stretches of the Loggerhead Run Bike Trail are pretty exposed so be sure to wear a sun hat and bring sunscreen.

3. Scully’s Low Country Boil

5544 Cape San Blas Rd, Port St Joe, FL 32456
(850) 247-3077

When you vacation, do you like to run elbows with locals and see more of the local culture? If so, then we certainly recommend a visit to Scully’s Low Country Boil on your upcoming trip to Cape San Blas. That is, of course, unless you’re allergic or otherwise do not like seafood, because shrimp is just about in every item on the menu here.

Scully’s Low Country Boil boasts a very low-profile, laid-back atmosphere. They’ve got a small one-story building with a large dining room filled with rustic wooden tables and chairs. You can also opt to dine outside beneath the Florida sun at long picnic tables that make serving up and sharing large seafood boil portions easy. The Low Country Boil is the namesake meal at this restaurant, featuring fresh peel-and-eat Gulf shrimp, massive chunks of sausage, soft red potatoes, and corn on the cob. You can order this dish by the individual plate or go for a shared meal with one of their five or ten-pound buckets. Most uniquely and perhaps unusually for any restaurant, all meals come with free cold drinks, which can include an ice-cold beer from their cooler. 

4. Cone Heads 8020

8020 Cape San Blas Rd, Port St Joe, FL 32456
(850) 229-5252

If you’re not in the mood for seafood, but are hunkering for something savory, then another great hidden gem restaurant in Cape San Blas is Cone Heads 8020. Cone Heads 8020 is conveniently located just south of the entrance to TH Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, making it the ideal place to feast after a long day at the beach. Or, be proactive, and order ahead for pick-up to enjoy a delicious picnic-style meal once you set up your beach tent and blanket. 

Cone Heads 8020 can best be described as an American grill-style of restaurant. They have a massive appetizer menu featuring over a half-dozen baked oyster options, such as the 30E Rockefeller which serves baked oysters topped with parmesan cheese, spinach florentine, bacon, and garlic powder. They also serve cheeseburgers, sandwiches, po-boys, fish and shellfish baskets, soups, and salads. They make their own freshly brewed teas, have Pepsi fountain drinks, and a nice selection of beers to pair your meal with. 

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a wooden pier at William J Rish Park

This stretch of Florida that lies along the northern edge of the Gulf of Mexico is a very unique place. Here, you can enjoy warm gulf coast waters and the Florida sun all year round, and within a slower, more laid-back fishing town-style of atmosphere. It’s truly a great place to vacation, and if you’re planning on your own tour of the area soon, then make sure to check out our other Panhandle guides. We’re dedicated to showcasing the best of the best, and getting our readers the information they need to build up the most memorable vacation for themselves and their family!