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The Twist Custom Ice Cream

The Twist Custom Ice Cream: Grab a Picnic Table And Indulge in Navarre
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4.5 / 5
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The Twist Custom Ice Cream brings new excitement to the classic ice cream parlor concept. Offering a whirlwind of enticing flavors plus several unique cones, this location encourages you to fuel up on sugar before you hit the beach in Navarre.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

On your way to the beach in Navarre? Don’t hit the sand until you’ve stopped at The Twist Customs Ice Cream for the best ice cream in town. For over two decades, this local staple has brought smiles to the faces of visitors from near and far. Children adore this classic ice cream establishment, but adults quickly find that this setting brings out their inner kid. There’s no better way to begin the perfect day at the beach — or to cap off your adventures in the sun or the sand.

Options abound, so you should have no trouble crafting the ice cream cone of your dreams. The first major choice involves the cone. Depending on your preferences, you may opt for a standard cone, one with chocolate on top, or even a chocolate-dipped cone with decadent sprinkles. Yet another chocolate-topped cone comes with nuts, while the most memorable option is meant to taste like birthday cake. Once you’ve selected the ideal cone, you can move on to flavors. A few non-dairy options are available, such as refreshing fruit sorbets. If you’re hoping to limit your sugar intake, you’re in luck: creamy no-sugar-added selections will help you indulge without feeling too guilty.

Picnic tables are available, so you can enjoy your ice cream in the great outdoors — if you’re willing to consume it fast enough to avoid melting. Don’t be frustrated if you get stuck in a seemingly endless line. This is common on the hottest days, but the line moves faster than you might anticipate upon arrival. No matter what or when you order, the delicious ice cream will be well worth the wait.

A few of our favorite flavors at The Twist Custom Ice Cream include the following:

C is for Cookie
The vibrant color of this ice cream beckons you to take a picture — and it’s almost too pretty to eat. Once you get started, however, you’ll wonder why you don’t order blue ice cream all the time. As blue as Cookie Monster himself, this selection is named partially for the color and partially for the cookie crumbles dispersed throughout. 

Elephant Ears
Featuring chocolate chips and a peanut butter swirl, this flavor is wonderful on its own but also perfect for pairing with other chocolatey flavors. 

Eyes Wide Open
If you adore coffee-flavored ice cream, you can’t go wrong with this option. No, it’s not caffeinated enough to keep your eyes wide open on its own, but the intense coffee flavor just might give you the placebo effect. 

Mint Cookies N Cream
Mint ice cream certainly isn’t for everyone, but there’s something extra refreshing about this flavor on a sweltering day. The cookie crumbles take this to the next level, providing a nice change of pace from the usual mint chip.

Banana Split
Cones are typically the go-to selection at this shop, but there are certainly other ways to enjoy your ice cream. If you struggle to settle on a flavor, the banana split is an excellent option. Feel free to select your favorite flavors and toppings, which are then paired with a banana to form a large and decidedly indulgent dessert. 

Discover the timeless joy of ice cream adventures at The Twist Custom Ice Cream in Navarre. Whether you need to cool down on a hot day or simply crave something sweet, you’ll fall head over heels for this mouthwatering ice cream.

Insider Tips:
-Keeping up with The Twist Custom Ice Cream’s constantly rotating flavors can be difficult when you’re not around to check out the menu board on your own. Thankfully, the shop regularly posts updates on its Instagram page, where you can learn about limited-time flavors. On the Facebook page (and often, on Instagram as well) you’ll also find details about special events.
-There’s no denying that The Twist Customs Ice Cream is dog-friendly. The shop offers special Pup Cups for four-legged visitors. What’s more, humans accompanied by canine friends are encouraged to take photos of their dogs and share these images on Instagram. Often, these dogs are highlighted on the shop’s social media platforms.