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Sammy Barker’s

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Sammy Barker's - Going Well Beyond Typical Burger Joint Fare
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4 / 5
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Located in the heart of Pensacola, Sammy Barker’s goes all out in offering a unique burger joint experience from beginning to end. Ultra-fresh ingredients lead the way to scratch-made fare good enough to write home about. Craft brews and whimsical wine complete the picture of perfection, making this popular eatery an instant favorite after just one visit. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

For a burger joint experience unlike anything else in Pensacola, Florida, jet on over to Sammy Barker’s. Their award-winning recipes always start with the freshest ingredients around. Choice cuts of beef, natural-casing Coney Island-style hotdogs, and many other high-quality proteins allow them to build bold flavors in every bite. Their produce comes from local suppliers more often than not as well – and they even have local craft beer and wine on tap.

At the start of each day, the team goes all out in prepping their ingredients by hand, allowing them to create scratch-made deliciousness every time. They grind all their burger meat fresh each day plus cut the fries, make their sauces, and get everything else ready to go. Thanks to all the time put into the preparation of their meals, they can still quickly roll out each menu item as soon as the order hits the kitchen.

Although burgers serve as the star of the show at Sammy Barker’s, they have many other excellent items on their menu, including Coneys, wurst, street tacos, melts, wings, and salad. Their sides are well worth the visit on their own, featuring tasty creations like Street Chili, Coney Cheese Sauce Fries, and Sweet Potato Waffle Fries.

Prefer to skip the meat but still want a burger? Just ask to sub out your beef patty for a veggie burger. They handmake each veggie patty using vegan ingredients, including artichokes, grains, seeds, and peas. They do not have vegan buns, however. When you’re in the mood for meatless tacos, you cannot go wrong with the jackfruit taco option.

In order to experience the magic for yourself at Sammy Barker’s, you’ll just need to swing by their unique burger joint at your convenience. You’re welcome to order your meal to go or settle down in their dining room to enjoy your meal. If they’re not too busy, you can seat yourself. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for your server to find you a table once one opens up.

After that, you’ll get your menu and have a chance to order drinks and an appetizer. They have a full drink menu complete with local craft beer and the most whimsical wines available. Your server will return right on time to take your order for the main course and get whatever else you need to have a great dining experience.

Definitely sample these items at Sammy Barker’s:

Battle of the Bay Winner 2020
The Battle of the Bay Winner 2020 treats you to the award-winning burger experience from the very first bite. They make this showstopper by hand forming the patty, grilling it up just right, and melting smoked gouda over the top. Then, they put it on a robust bun and add bacon onion jam, sweet red peppers, red cabbage slaw, and their house-made Sammy sauce.

The Hurtdog
If you like it hot, you’re going to want to get a taste of The Hurtdog. This hotdog comes Coney style loaded with ghost pepper jack cheese, hurt relish, and fresh jalapenos. To complete its fiery build, they add Crystal’s hot sauce mayo to the mix, giving you unmatched spiciness in every bite.

Asian Roasted Pork Tacos
Made with a focus on imaginative culinary fusions, the Asian Roasted Pork Tacos go big on the flavor. They create these tacos by roasting the pork until flavorful and tender and then putting it on three flour tortillas. Once that’s ready to go, they add cucumber, cilantro, onions, daikon, jalapeno, carrots, and green onion. Hoisin mayo and lime finish it off right, taking all the flavors to the next level in an instant.

Although it might sound like a tall order, definitely try to save room for dessert. They have phenomenal frozen custard in vanilla, chocolate, or swirl plus floats and shakes. If you really want to go all out, treat yourself to their premium custard shakes, which come in fun flavors like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Dreamsicle.

Insider Tips:
-UWF ID holders and active members of the military qualify for a 10% discount.
-When subbing out the meat for jackfruit, expect an extra charge.
-Want to personalize your meal to your liking? Not a problem. Just add as many of their free toppings as you’d like.