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Bagelheads - Local Bakery That's Simply a Cut Above: Temporarily Closed
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Bagelheads serves up all-natural bagels, sandwiches, pastries, coffees, and smoothies to the discerning patrons in Pensacola. And while their prices certainly reflect the quality of their ingredients, patrons are consistently pleased with the results. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

When you think of amazing bagels, you might see the Big Apple come to mind first. But if you’re interested in the far more relaxing Pensacola, Bagelheads has you covered. Every bagel you find at Bagelheads is made from scratch with unbleached and non-bromated flour. Their baked goods are free from artificial colors and flavors, and their meats are equally free from growth hormones and by-products. 

Ordering at Bagelheads in the morning is a smart way to get your day started off right. Pensacola is going to demand a lot of your energy, even if you’re just planning to suntan after lugging all your things out to the beach. The red hard spring wheat flour in each bagel is an excellent source of B vitamins, fiber, and (believe it or not) protein. Plus, this shop is committed to its community and the larger world. The coffee at Bagelheads is all sustainably grown, and all leftovers are given to charity organizations at the end of every day. 

It’s been the consistency and compassion of the staff that has led reviewers to rave about Bagelheads. After they’ve no doubt sampled nearly everything in the area, this is where the locals have chosen to eat. The service and the atmosphere welcomes you in of course, but it’s the taste of the bagels that keep people coming back. And if you’re looking for a little variety, this local joint offers everything from pastries to smoothies to satisfy breakfast lovers of every variety.

If you’re in Pensacola’s Bagelheads, here are some must-try items:

Lox Sandwich 
The perfect ratio of lox to cream cheese to capers, this sandwich is a mouth-watering combination of salty and creamy with just a little sweetness to balance it out. If you’re in the mood for a little deli after rolling out of bed, you really can’t go wrong with this substantial sandwich. 

Cold Brew 
It might be a little odd to put their coffee at the same level as their bagels, but you may just have to taste it to believe it. When you’re already sweltering in the morning sun, the delectable and refreshing cold-brew will wake you up with just the right amount of pep. 

Jalapeno & Cheddar Bagel 
This bagel dares to be a little different, but it hasn’t left patrons counting it out. In fact, plenty of people love how the extra spice is mellowed by the cheddar cheese. Every bite is baked with flavor that you’ll enjoy from start to finish. 

Blueberry Muffin 
The muffins at Bagelheads are definitely on par with their bagels. If you’re looking to doll up yours a little, try it hot with some honey butter on top. The taste may just inspire you to take a few to go! 

There’s a general consensus that while Bagelheads is certainly not the least expensive place on the coast, the taste of the bagels simply makes up for that little extra expense. This local eatery has also gone out of its way too support those in the neighborhood, which has led them to become a fixture on the competitive coast. Stopping here may just become a tradition you don’t want to break for the whole vacation. 

Insider Tips:
– This place can get incredibly crowded on any day of the week, so you may want to go early if you don’t want to wait in line. 
– Locals come here, making it a great place to get a recommendation on how to spend the rest of your day. 
– The bagels are big and the sandwiches are hearty, so make sure to bring your appetite.