Must-See Murals in Pensacola Florida

Do you absolutely adore taking photos with murals on your travels? If so, you’re in luck if you’re visiting Pensacola, Florida, any time soon. There are many incredible murals hidden across the cityscape, simply begging for a chance to serve as backdrops for your photographs. To help you get started in finding them all, here’s a look at the top six must-see murals in Pensacola.

Pensacola Postcard

Photo Credits by @wanderlust_id10t on Instagram

To kick off your Pensacola photo series, head on over to the former location of Brew Ha Ha, located on the corner of North 12th Avenue and East Scott Street. Emblazoned along the side of the building, you will find the iconic Pensacola Postcard Mural awaiting your photos.

Upon stepping in front of this mural, you get to enjoy a quintessential photo op experience, while leaving no doubt where your travels have taken you. As you post this photo for the world to see, you’ll share your love for the best of Florida and get everyone ready for the mural photos to come.

Although Brew Ha Ha has closed, you can head south on 12th to visit East Hill Pizza after getting your photos. Or go north to dine at Tacos Mexicanos East Hill or the Cactus Flower Café, ensuring you’re energized for the next stop.

Blue Angels

Photo Credits by @laurarbogan on Instagram

If you love the daring feats performed by the Blue Angels, you’ll want to check out the mural made in their honor. Located at the corner of North Pace Boulevard and West Cervantes Street, the Blue Angels mural shows the planes soaring through the skies at full speed. The colorful red, purple, and blue skies beyond frame the stunning aircraft beautifully.

Although the mural only took eight days to paint, it’s chockfull of stunning details ready for your admiring gaze. So, be sure to take a step back and let your eyes wander over the entire piece before finding your perfect spot for a photo.

Since it’s a long mural, it’s best to stand just under the nose of the leading plane. Then, attempt to get a panoramic shot of the entire mural with you at the front of the frame. If you take the photo just right, you won’t leave an inch out of the frame, allowing you to show off its full beauty right alongside your own.

Wish You Were Here  

Photo Credits by @32502downtownpensacola on Instagram

Want to let all your friends, family, and followers know how you really feel? Just position yourself in front of the Wish You Were Here mural for a snap of a lifetime. You’ll need to find it first, of course, by traveling to Zarzaur Law Firm on West Romana Street and Palafox Place.

Once you get there, strike a winning pose and put on a big smile. Then, let the sign do the talking for you. In bright red, “Wish you were here,” sends welcoming vibes to all. Under that, Pensacola Florida stands out in bright yellow, letting everyone know where all the fun’s happening.

If you’d like your photo to connect you with other like-minded travelers, use the hashtag #PalafoxMural when posting. You can then explore the hashtag to see all the fun poses the mural has inspired.

Garden & Grain Hummingbird

For a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Florida, seek out the Garden & Grain Hummingbird. As the name implies, you’ll find this mural on the side of Garden & Grain on East Garden Street.

A powerful watercolor-esque work of art, this gigantic mural stretches 50 feet long and stands 20 feet high. All the wildflower depictions grow naturally across the Pensacola landscape. And the vivid Red Throated Hummingbird is a true local favorite, although everyone’s used to seeing them much smaller, of course.

You really cannot go wrong no matter where you stand for your photos but getting the whole mural into one photo is quite a challenge. If you cannot swing that, let the clovers stand behind you while the hummingbird looms overhead.

Downtown Waterfront

For a glimpse into Pensacola’s past, get on over to the Downtown Waterfront mural. Perfectly located near the waterfront at 700 South Palafox Street, this mural gives you an idea of what the area looked like before the renovations started in the 60s.

In the painting, the dazzling bay waters stand out against the dilapidated buildings. Boats from yesteryear peacefully float along the docks while the blue skies boast just a touch of clouds.

Photos taken from across the parking lot managed to get the whole mural in the frame. But if you want a close-up, choose one of the three sections as your backdrop.  

First City Art Center Butterfly

If you want to sit amongst the butterflies, flutter on over to the First City Art Center. Set right on the corner of North Guillemard Street and East Gonzales Street, their offices have a gorgeous Butterfly mural painted from end to end.

The mural starts with a surprisingly vivid grayscale background featuring flowers of all kinds. Even more, flowers come to the front of the mural, but their inky black hues let them serve as the perfect accents to the butterflies.

Appearing in vivid blues, greens, and more, the butterflies flit across the scene, while bright yellow and orange orbs direct you to the front doors. To capture all the beauty in this complex mural, position yourself between the two biggest butterflies near the orange window.

As you travel to each of these must-see murals in Pensacola, keep your camera ready for many other photo opportunities. Always beautiful, Florida offers endless chances for excellent photographs, allowing you to fill album after album with memorable snaps. Don’t forget to share your photos far and wide, too, so you can connect with other people who’ve used the murals and more as their backdrops of choice.