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Panama City Coffee Co.

Panama City Coffee Co.: Authentic Panama Coffee in Panama City
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5.0 / 5
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Panama City has a wide variety of coffee shops to try including the more well-known commercial varieties. However, the uniqueness of the coffee shop-on-wheels, Panama City Coffee Co. cannot be overstated. Here, you will enjoy rich coffee from the country of Panama, prepared for you fresh each morning in Panama City, bringing two cultures together with delicious results. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Situated off Beck Ave in Panama City, Florida is the unique establishment Panama City Coffee Co., a coffee shop on wheels. Owners Joe and Daniel had the desire to bring great-tasting coffee from its originating country of Panama to Panama City, Florida. In 2020, when they opened Panama City Coffee, this dream was fulfilled. 

In addition to the superb coffee offered on location at Panama City Coffee Co., the owners also wanted to create an authentic experience for the local population to enjoy. They welcome customers, both locals and tourists, by offering a truly unique experience. This experience includes both the country of Panama and the city of Panama. The high-quality coffee beans are grown in Panama and then served in this unique setting in Panama City, Florida. 

The authentic coffee from Panama is the foundation of this coffee shop and what sets it apart from other shops in the area. It is this cultural appreciation that promotes and celebrates both Florida and the country of Panama that makes a visit to Panama City Coffee Co. so worthwhile when in the area. 

While you won’t enjoy your coffee indoors due to the portable coffee shop vibe complete with a trailer and even a cold brew serving bike, you can sit outside on the picnic tables, drink your expertly-made coffee and get your morning started right. The colorful umbrellas ensure the Florida sun stays at bay while you enjoy your superb coffee all the way from the shores of Panama. 

In addition to the amazing coffee options at Panama City Coffee Co., you can also take home some pretty cool merch. You can choose from a tank top, t-shirt, crewneck sweatshirt, tote, coffee mug, or sticker. All are themed with the Panama City Coffee Co. logo. You can also take home Panama coffee beans as well to enjoy at home. 

The Chiriqui Blend, Boquete Blend, and Panama Blend are all available for purchase. You can even purchase these amazing blends online and have them shipped right to your door. The Chiriqui Blend is described as a bold, rich coffee that offers strength and flavor. This blend is ideal for coffee lovers. You can purchase this blend in a half-pound or pound bag. 

The Boquete Blend, also available in either a half-pound or pound bag, is a more delicate blend that creates a melody of calmness and strength. While the body and the flavor of the bean are present, they are not overpowering to the taste buds. Finally, the Panama Blend, also coming in half-pound or pound bags, is smooth, light, and refreshing. It is known for its mellow flavor and low acidity which combine to make it the ideal breakfast cup. 

When visiting Panama City Coffee Co. there aren’t any bad options to try. However, this unique coffee shop on wheels offers the following that you simply must order:

Coffee 12oz/16oz
Choose from a variety of coffee brews including the Espresso, Red Eye, Americano, White Mocha, Cold Brew, Nitro Cold Brew, Latte, and more. 

Non-Coffee 12oz/16oz
Panama City Coffee Co. offers more than just coffee. You can also enjoy homemade pop-tarts, Hot Chocolate, Matcha, and Chai Latte.

Frappuccino 12oz/16oz
The options for Frappacinico include White Mocha, Mocha Chip, Vanilla Bean, and Caramel Mocha. 

Signature Lattes 12oz/16oz
You can’t miss the signature options from Panama City Coffee Co.. They include Caramel Chocolate, Spicy Vanilla Honey, Vanilla Honey, and Chocolate Lavender Lattes. 

Havana Specials 12oz/16oz
A visit to this coffee shop isn’t complete without some authentic Havana Specials. Which include the Cafe Con Leche, Cortadito, and Cubano Espresso.

Insider Tips:
-If you can’t make the trip to Panama City Coffee Co., you can always order through Door Dash and have your coffee brought to you. 
-Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee at this roadside destination that is well worth a visit when in the area. 
-At Panama City Coffee Co., you get to enjoy coffee made by coffee lovers for coffee lovers. All with the amazing backdrop of beautiful, sunny Florida.