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New York Pizza & Grill

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New York Pizza & Grill - Big Apple Pizza in Panama City
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

New York Pizza and Grill offers pizza by the slice, made-to-order pizza, gyros, stromboli, and French fries--all the standards you'd expect in an NYC pizza shop. Although the food quality and service can be a bit inconsistent, the flavors are great, the food is fresh, and it's a generally solid place to grab a bite to eat when you're in the Pier Park area. It's also a popular spot for the preadolescent set; the atmosphere is kid-friendly, and so are the menu items. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

New York Pizza & Grill claims to bring authentic NYC flavors to the Florida panhandle, and although the quality of their menu items is a little inconsistent, it’s the closest thing you’ll find to New York-style pizza in the area. New York Pizza & Grill offers pizza by the slice, stromboli, salads, and gyros. The storefront itself is clean, with plenty of seating and NYC decor from floor to ceiling. 

The food itself? A bit of a mixed bag. The made-to-order garlic knots and stromboli are fresh, flavorful, and authentic. The pizza by the slice is great if you manage to snag a fresh slice–typically, during the busier mealtimes. Otherwise, it sits out a bit too long to be appetizing. The made-to-order pizza is a bit better, though the crust quality and texture vary by visit: sometimes it’s tender but robust enough to hold a slew of toppings in place. Other times, it’s chewier, but not substantial enough to hold comfortably. Despite these inconsistencies (a huge deal for some pizza eaters), it’s generally solid, fresh New York-style pizza and grub with about the same level of service you’d expect at a bustling pizza shop in Manhattan. 

A few menu items we love: 

Original Chicken Gyro
This gyro is a go-to favorite, complete with sliced-from-the-slab seasoned chicken, tomato, lettuce, and just the right amount of tzatziki sauce. 

Pepperoni Stromboli
Few NYC-style strombolis actually live up to the name, but this one does. A golden, buttery crust perfectly envelops the contents: the perfect balance of Italian cheeses and folded pepperoni slices, making a perfectly-proportioned stromboli that’s the perfect size for dipping and biting without fear of disintegration. 

Beef Kebab
Surprisingly tender and well-seasoned for sirloin chunks that don’t come from a steakhouse. These kebabs feature marinated sirloin beef served wrapped in fresh, warm pita bread with salad–and they’re fabulous every time. 

New York Pizza and Grill is located just off the rotary at the Pier Park shopping area, right beside Starbucks and Marble Slab. It’s a convenient place to stop in for a quick bite to eat when you’re out and about in the Panama City Beach area. If you’re in the market for a quick, kid-friendly bite to eat, it’s hard to beat–and it’ll satisfy your craving for New York-style pizza, even though it won’t be the best New York-style pizza you’ve ever eaten.

Insider Tip:
Pizza by the slice isn’t always available at non-busy times (and when it is, it can start looking somewhat less-than-fresh). We suggest planning to order made-to-order items or stopping in during regular mealtimes; you’ll guarantee the freshest possible food and a better experience.