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Juan Taco

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Juan Taco - A Friendly, Casual Spot to Grab a Few Amazing Tacos
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Juan Taco has a simple but delectable menu that changes daily, making it perfect for Panama City Beach vacationers who want a quality meal without the fuss. Patrons love the homemade tortillas, margaritas, and carnitas. The staff is warm and welcoming and the decor is casual. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

When you’re on the coast, few things are more satisfying than some chips and a margarita. Juan Taco is laid back and welcoming, but this isn’t to say that they’re relaxed about the quality of their food. Owner Juan Martinez wants everyone to feel at home and is big on hospitality that is far from the corporate pleasantries you might find in other places in Panama City Beach.

The flavors of the tacos are exceedingly complex, giving patrons the depth of flavor that makes a truly incredible taco. It’s not just the perfectly roasted meats or fresh toppings or homemade tortillas, it’s the combination of everything in one perfect foldable package.

The expectations for tacos in Panama City Beach are quite high, which is just part of the reason why this location’s success is notable. Juan Taco may not have the most extensive menu, but what they do offer is cooked to perfection. Vegetarians love the veggie tacos, meat lovers crave the carnitas, and thirsty patrons are happy to order a tasty cocktail with just enough salt on the rim.  

We recommend the following at Juan Taco. Please note that meats change daily:

Sometimes called Mexican pulled pork, carnitas are a labor of love that manages to infuse a lot of juicy goodness into every bite. If you get the carnitas in the Awesome Taco version, you’ll get it served up with cheese, taco sauce, marinated onions, and cilantro. 

The barbacoa is shredded beef that relies on cumin, lime juice, garlic, vinegar, and chilies to upgrade the meat to legendary status. Try it as a street taco with marinated onions and cilantro. The simplicity of the street taco is designed to scale back the other flavors and put the meat center stage. Considering how much effort goes into barbacoa, it’s the right thing to do. 

When you find yourself heating up, an icy and tangy margarita is something the best way to cool off. As the sun hides its head, sip on a homemade Mexican favorite that is just the right mixture of sour and sweet. Let it serve as the perfect aperitif for the amazing tacos to come. 

Rice & Beans 
This side dish is often seen as a throwaway extra in Mexican restaurants, but we highly encourage you to save room for this freshly made option. Rice and beans is a great way to round out your tacos, especially when they’re heavy on the meat. 

Juan Taco invites you to really get to know the staff as you enjoy the food. Juan and his wife are thrilled to make your vacation that much more special, and they can’t wait to hear all about what brought you in. If you’re craving a snack as you explore the beach, this is definitely the place to refuel before your next great adventure. 

Insider Tips:
– Juan Taco does not have unlimited supplies. Their meats are only good until they run out, so keep that in mind before you show up at the 11th hour. 
– This location can be tough to find, so be sure to look for the Wharf building instead of a street sign with Juan Taco on it. 
– If you have the opportunity, talk to the staff. Everyone from the owners to the bartenders wants to hear your story. 
– The meat selection changes and includes daily specials, so you may have to swap out your favorite if you go on the wrong day.