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Flyby Coffee

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Flyby Coffee – Serving the Drive-Up Coffee of Your Dreams
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Flyby Coffee, you can pick up a hot, cold, or frozen coffee drinks without ever having to leave your car. Simply drive up to the window and let them know your order to get started. In addition to delicious beverages, they serve breakfast bites by the boatload, including sweet pastries.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

In 2013, two United States Air Force families came together to open Flyby Coffee — a drive-up coffee stand located in Panama City, Florida. At this stand, they are dedicated to providing their community with freshly-brewed specialty coffee drinks and quality breakfast items. They are equally committed to ensuring every customer receives the highest quality of service at every visit.

To pick up your preferred drink or breakfast items, simply hop in one of the lanes and continue up to the window to make your order. They serve each car as it arrives, creating your drinks fresh and heating up your breakfast items.  You can choose between hot, cold, and frozen specialty coffee drinks and other inventive beverages. They even have flavored lemonade and Italian sodas for those who are not keen on having coffee.

Their breakfast items change frequently with different baked goods landing on the menu on a regular basis. They warm up all baked goods and pastries before handing them over, ensuring all the decadent flavors melt in your mouth at first bite.

Of all their drinks, fan favorites include:

White Chocolate Mocha
Available in three sizes, their white chocolate mocha starts with one to three shots of their freshly-brewed espresso. Then, they add decadent white chocolate sauce over the top and mix it all up. A generous topping of whipped cream and drizzle of chocolate sauce finishes off this amazing drink. If preferred, they can also make this drink using sugar-free syrups to drop the carb count.

Blended Chai
For a little bit of spice over ice, try the blended chai, which is available in the 16-ounce and 24-ounce sizes. This drink starts with a spicy chai that is combined with ice and milk in a blender. Whipped cream with a dash of cinnamon is added to elevate the rich, spicy flavors, even more, creating a delicious icy treat.

Italian Soda
By ordering an Italian soda, you can experience your favorite flavors in a whole new way. They begin creating this drink by loading up the cup with ice and club soda. Then, they add your selected sugar-free or regular syrup to create the drink of your dreams. Although they have dozens of flavors to choose from, the most popular ones are fruit-based, including strawberry, mango, and cherry.

Their creamosa takes the Italian soda to the next level with the addition of a little bit of heavy cream. They start your drink using your selected syrup flavors, ice, and club soda. Then, they pour heavy cream over the top to create a rich and creamy flavor profile. Try this drink with more than two syrup flavors to improve the experience even more.

Strawberry Smoothie
To cool down with something sweet, turn your attention to their strawberry smoothie. Made with crushed ice, syrup, and real strawberries, their smoothies never fail to delight. They have them available in two sizes, the 16-ounce and 24-ounce. In addition to strawberry, they also offer this drink in mango and Pina colada.

When you come to this drive-up coffee shop, you can trust you will always receive friendly service and quality coffee made to order. They are happy to recommend drinks based on your flavor preferences and even remember their customer’s regular orders. Even their customers’ canine companions receive quality service from this team, as they provide each pup with a treat at the window.   

Insider Tips:
– Remember to grab a loyalty card on your first trip. You receive a stamp for each coffee you buy, earning you the 11th one free.
– For a little something new, ask about their daily specials. They offer two special drinks a day, which often feature seasonal flavors for a little flair.
– As a veteran-owned and operated coffee stand, they are committed to offering a discount to all active and retired members of the military.