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Captain’s Table Fish House

Captain's Table Fish House - Fresh Seafood, Friendly Staff, & A Unique Menu
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4 / 5
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Captain's Table Fish House is a mainstay in Panama City thanks to its fresh seafood and classic menu. The Southern dishes include everything from grouper throats to deviled crab, and it's all served up in a casual, friendly spot. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Captain’s Table Fish House Restaurant is an institution in Panama City. Family-owned and operated since 1967, this eatery has managed to stay the course by prioritizing the freshness of its fare. If you want to know how they do it, look no further than the first word of the business. The family has their own boats, and they look forward to catching all the seafood they sell.

Family-friendly and casual, Captain’s Table Fish House is a great place to stop by if you want seafood that lives up to the hype of the Florida coast. Plus, this place is known for sporting a unique menu that relies heavily on its Southern roots. The hot spot is known for its grouper throats, a delicacy that’s taken from the jaw to the stomach of the famous fish. You may not have seen this dish on many menus, but that’s not because it isn’t delicious. This section of the fish doesn’t just pack plenty of flavor on its own, but the right chef can make the dish truly magical. 

We highly encourage you to browse the menu for some of the less-known treasures from the South. For instance, you might be familiar with fried pickles as an appetizer, but you might want to deviate from the norm by going with fried banana peppers. The emphasis is on the seafood, of course, but the hush puppies, cheese grits, and fried okra add some Southern charm to every visit. 

When you’re at Captain’s Table Fish House, we recommend the following dishes:

Grouper Throats 
This hearty dish is fried on the outside and tender on the outside. Grouper is one of the more popular choices for seafood in the summer, and guests are often surprised at just how much they enjoy the unique twist that the back of the house puts on the whole affair.

Fresh Catch 
There’s something about letting the luck of the draw take over when it comes to seafood. Getting the Fresh Catch of the day is more than just getting the most delicious seafood in town, it’s the chance to appreciate the ocean on a different level. At Captain’s Table Fish House, you can get your fish blackened, fried, grilled, or broiled. This meal comes with a salad or slaw and a side. 

Po’Boy Sandwich 
The Po’Boy is a Southern staple and not just for its memorable name. Its humble origins of a hearty meal for the less financially fortunate, the sandwich has been interpreted in numerous ways across the country. You can get a po’ boy here with your choice of oysters, scallops, or shrimp. Fixings include lettuce, tomato, and onion, plus a side. Feel free to spice it up by ordering your seafood blackened. 

Stuffed Shrimp 
Most people are used to enjoying shrimp just as they are, but this appetizer kicks it up a notch. Captain’s Table Fish House’s addition of crab meat and the special sauce gives the menu item plenty of zip, though it might just have you feeling disappointed that this variation isn’t featured in more seafood spots. These shrimp are peeled and deveined and served with the tail on. 

Cajun Seafood Pasta 
The Cajun seafood pasta is the perfect dish for anyone who’s looking to add some spice to their vacation. With the pasta as a base, the chefs use the cream in the sauce to bring down the heat of the spices, and then load it all up with scallops, fish, and shrimp. Served with salad or slaw and toast. Trust us, you’ll want to use that bread to soak up the last morsels of flavor. 

It’s tough to confine our recommendations because you’re unlikely to go wrong no matter what you end up with. Plus, if you’re traveling with the younger set, even the pickiest kids are likely to be thrilled with their section of the menu. 

Insider Tips:
-Captain’s Table Fish House only serves fresh seafood, so some of your favorite dishes may not be available. 
-Check Facebook for menu specials and drink deals.