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Yoyo’s Thai Food Truck

Yoyo's Thai Food Truck – Authentic Thai Goodness Served with Pride in Shalimar
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5.0 / 5
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Are you looking for classic Thai dishes made with flair? If so, you need to zip on over to Yoyo’s Thai Food Truck for a bite to eat. At each visit to this popular Shalimar eatery, you can get all the finest flavors made mild, super spicy, or somewhere in between.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

When you want the finest homecooked Thai food, there’s perhaps a no better place to go than Yoyo’s Thai Food Truck. Set near Sunset Liquors in Shalimar, this cozy truck rolls out truly authentic dishes made as mild or hot as you like them. Yoyo whips up every dish by hand day in and day out, so their menu items remain consistently good year-round.

Each day, the team kicks open the doors right in time to serve the lunch rush. Then, they keep the deliciousness flowing well into the evening hours, making it easy to satisfy all your cravings on demand. If you arrive during rush hours, you’re likely to land in a long line. But since they keep the menu super simple and know their recipes like the back of their hand, the wait goes quick.

Everything is made fresh to order though. They start each dish with high-quality ingredients, including tons of local fare. Then, they prep all their ingredients early in the day, so they can focus on cooking up what you crave. As you wait in line for a chance to order, the delightful scent of top-notch Thai food flows through the air. Sometimes, it’s so spicy that you can almost feel the bright, bold flavors dancing across your tastebuds.

By the time you get to the front counter, you’ll likely find yourself salivating at what awaits. Luckily, you’re only a few minutes away from enjoying your selections at that point. So, pull yourself together and get your order into the kitchen in a hurry – and they’ll get right to work. While you wait, you can chat up with your fellow patrons or watch all the action at the nearby intersection. They also have a couple of picnic tables set up if you want to take a load off while you eagerly anticipate your food’s arrival.

Upon getting your items, you’re welcome to stick around and enjoy your meal right onsite. Or you can take it to go. Either way, you’re bound to find yourself coming back to this food truck again and again for another taste.

Their tastiest menu items include:

A true classic through and through, their Gyoza always serves as a great way to start your meal. They make these little bite-sized morsels by wrapping their flavorful filling in a potsticker wrapper. Then, they fry them in a pan until crispy and delicious. You get five in each order, so double up if you’re sharing.

Pad Thai
Whenever you’re in the mood for a bold noodle dish, you cannot go wrong with the Pad Thai. This dish starts with your choice of protein sauteed to perfection. Then, they add veggies galore before tossing it all in tender rice noodles. The sauce goes over it all, bringing it up to your preferred level of spice.

Tom Yum Soup
If you’re craving comfort food, the Tom Yum Soup is calling your name, for sure. The chef proudly creates their sweet and sour soup base to kick off this dish, and then they add your protein of choice. Shrimp is the traditional way of preparing this dish, but you can get chicken if you prefer.

If you’re super lucky, you’ll get a chance to end your meal with their delightful Mango Sticky Rice. This tasty dessert is only available sporadically throughout the year. And when it does arrive, it sells out fast. So, never miss the chance to grab a portion for yourself whenever you see it on the menu. You’ll definitely adore how the lightly sweet sticky rice pairs beautifully with the fresh mango slices.  

Insider Tips:
-They’re always finetuning their menu. So, check back often if you want to try new items on the regular.
-Check their website before coming down to learn about unexpected closures and changes to their hours.
-Let them know if you’re celebrating a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary. They’re known to throw in an extra surprise or provide a small discount on your order.
-Don’t order their hottest star level unless you know you love it spicy. They go big on the spice, so you might end up with seared tastebuds if you’re not careful.