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Flambe After Dark

Flambe After Dark – Tableside Cooking at Its Best in Ft. Walton Beach
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4 / 5
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At Flambe After Dark, they aim to serve up a dining experience to remember plus the most delicious food you’ll have in a long time. Their location in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, never fails to impress, setting the stage for a meal that’s both decadent and entertaining. As your chef cooks up your selections tableside, you’ll end up with a whole lot to talk about for the rest of your visit.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Whenever you reserve a table at Flambe After Dark, you just know your dining experience will exceed all your wildest expectations. As one of the most popular theme restaurants in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, they go beyond simply serving tantalizing entrees, sides, and desserts by putting on a show.

Instead of whipping up your order in the kitchen, they bring the performance tableside. You just have to select from the choices on the menu to set the stage for a delightful dinner. After that, your chef will prep, cook, and plate your food right at your table. Every step of the process is done with flair, showing off their incredible tricks to keep you oohing and ahhing over their expertise.

The experience doesn’t end there either. By using the freshest ingredients and precise cooking techniques, every dish they make it done to perfection. You’re sure to adore everything you order, securing this restaurant as your date night spot of choice for the long term.

Menu items you’re sure to love include:

Coquille Saint Jacques
Coquille Saint Jacques is sea scallops done right. The chef starts by artfully searing the scallops on both sides. While doing that, they make the garlic cream sauce with sherry and mushrooms for tons of flavor. By the time the scallops meet the sauce, you’ll be more than ready to take the first bite. Although this starter is great for sharing, you’ll likely want to order two so you don’t have to give up a single scallop.

Oyster After Dark
Even those staunchly against oysters find their taste buds turning around with a sampling of Oysters After Dark. They create this dish with the finest quality oysters, covering them in lump crabmeat, smoked gouda, and pimento cheese. The bubbling result takes over your senses from your first bite, inspiring you to order more.

Seafood Newburg Flambe
When you order the Seafood Newburg Flambe, you get all the most amazing flavors of the sea in one incredible dish. Your chef will cook up all your scallops, shrimp, crabmeat, and lobster until light, flakey, and steaming hot. Then, they will serve it up with puff pastry and a spectacular sauce made with garlic, tarragon, and lemon.

Hand-Cut Fries
If you want a whole new way to enjoy hand-cut fries, order up a side to go with your meal of choice. These fries go beyond any you’ve ever tried before with their topping of cojita cheese and house made truffle oil. The many fabulous dipping sauces are icing on the cake to give you the absolute best flavor experience.

Even though it’s tempting to order several meals for sharing, make sure to save room for dessert. You won’t regret forgoing a little bit of steak in favor of their flambe desserts. They start each one by cooking down sugar and butter until it turns into caramel and then add fruit, liqueur, and other specialty ingredients of your choice.

Insider Tips:
– When dining with a big group, you’ll want to book a private party rather than simply reserve a table. The staff will provide one-on-one attention that promises to create a truly memorable affair.  
– All their dishes are made for sharing, but there’s nothing wrong with ordering extra to sample all their best dishes. You can bring home the remainder in a doggy bag, taking your midnight snack to the next level.
– If you want to take your dining experience to great heights, ask for their wine menu. They have all the red, white, and sparkling varieties you could ever want available by the glass and the bottle.