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Kona Ice of Gulf Breeze and Greater Pensacola

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Kona Ice - Tropical Shaved Ice in Many Flavors
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Kona Ice serves freshly shaved ice in a wide variety of flavors that appeal to people of all ages. Bring the family or come with friends, and everyone in your group will enjoy this sweet, ice-cold treat.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Kona Ice brings freshly shaved ice to the beautiful coast of Florida. With a wide variety of flavors, this food truck has sweet treats that appeal to everyone on a hot day.

The menu at Kona Ice is simple but vast. Start by choosing how much shaved ice you want — there are five sizes to accommodate varying levels of hunger — and then pick your flavorings. There are several dozen flavors available, ranging from the common Pina Colada and Cotton Candy to the more exotic Horchata and Tamarind. Of course, there are also truly creative combinations like Watermelon Mint, Raspberry Cayenne, and Orange Ginger. 

Importantly, these aren’t pre-crushed cones of ice that have been sitting for days and have freezer burn. Shaved ice is freshly shaved — and not crushed — into thin slices so that it’s airy, fluffy and especially delicious. It also does a great job of soaking up all the flavoring syrup, and you can ask for extra syrup if you’d like to.

Since the whole menu is simple, the food truck’s service is always prompt. Even during peak business hours, you can trust that your entire group will get their shaved ice quickly. If you do have to wait for a minute or two, the festively decorated truck is always playing well-known and appropriately fun tunes.

Naturally, the entire menu is gluten-free and appropriate for almost anyone who suffers from food allergies.

When you want a cold treat on a hot summer day or evening, Kona Ice has the perfect creation. Bring your whole group to this food truck, and everyone will walk away with shaved ice that they’ll love.

A few of our favorite menu items at Kona Ice include:

Not to be missed, the Flavorwave is a favorite with both kids and adults. Kids get to flavor their shaved ice themselves, choosing from ten different flavors and mixing them as they like. Parents can take comfort knowing these flavors contain 40 percent less sugar and are fortified with vitamins C and D.

Coconut Lime
A classic pairing, Kona Ice has put the lime in the coconut so you can feel…refreshed. Close your eyes as you take the first bite, and you might just imagine you’re on a tropical island. The Florida coast isn’t that much different, after all.

Cranberry Cherry +
Sometimes on vacation people don’t eat too healthily and can start to feel icky after a few days. If you’re feeling generally down, perhaps the Cranberry Cherry + flavor is just what you need. The flavor’s tasty, and it’s fortified with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C.

Aprium Rose Sangria
If you can’t say the name, perhaps you’ve had a little too much sangria. Go for this virgin sangria-flavored treat instead, and rehydrate while you cool off.

Watermelon Mint
Not a combination that many people would come up with on their own, Watermelon Mint is surprisingly good. Take a sip, and see whether you don’t start putting fresh mint on your watermelon at home.

Insider Tip:
– Kona Ice is located near many of the restaurants in Harborwalk Village. If you’re at a nearby eatery for dinner but don’t find anything on the dessert menu appealing, skip a sweet treat at the eatery and come here instead. You’ll find a refreshing dessert that everyone likes, and you’ll get to enjoy it while you stroll around the village.