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Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant

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Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant - Fresh Seafood Right on the Water
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant is the local’s place to go for fish and shellfish. With many seafood options, piers that jut out over the bay and a historic family name on the sign, this is a quintessential Destin joint.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Started by the great-great-grandson of Destin’s founder, Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant is a truly local joint. The restaurant keeps things simple, cooking up fresh-caught seafood and serving it right on the water. 

The menu at Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant has more seafood sections than individual chicken and beef items combined, and all of the seafood is tasty. The Daily Blackboard changes depending on the catch of the day, but it frequently features grouper, red snapper, wahoo, swordfish, flounder, and several others. There are also shrimp, scallops, oysters, and many other seafood options, offered either by themselves or in various combinations.

For landlubbers who prefer their food didn’t have gills, there are a few chicken, steak, and burger choices. Vegetarians can also find something on the menu, especially among the salads, and a handful of kids’ choices appease the younger members of families. 

Drink choices include Coca-Cola products and beers, but the highlight is again the Daily Blackboard. Adults will find several special mixed drinks there, all of which are refreshing on a hot Florida day.

As for the atmosphere, the restaurant doesn’t just serve up good food alongside the beach like many other establishments in the area do. Instead, diners can sit directly over the water on piers that jut out onto the Choctawhatchee Bay. Take a seat under one of the umbrellas, and who knows what might swim underneath during your meal.

For delicious seafood in an unpretentious atmosphere, head to Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant. There aren’t many other places where you can sit directly above the water where your food came from.

A few of our menu favorites at Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant Include:

Grouper is usually listed on the Daily Blackboard, and it’s a must-try when it’s available. The fish has a buttery texture and clean flavor, making it a go-to favorite. Try yours blackened, bronzed, grilled, or fried, and pick out two of your favorite sides to round out the meal.

Caesar Salad with Mahi-Mahi
“Surf and soil” might not be as well-known as “surf and turf,” but the sea’s offerings pair just as well with vegetables as they do with steaks. Mahi-mahi’s soft texture goes great with the crunch of romaine lettuce in the Caesar Salad with Mahi-Mahi. If you’d prefer a different fish, just ask what the Fresh Catch of the Day is.

Steamed Royal Reds Shrimp
Royal Reds shrimp come from deeper ocean waters than standard shrimp do. Because of this, they feature a sweeter flavor that’s akin to lobster — and the flavor really comes through when royal reds are steamed. The Steamed Royal Reds Shrimp comes with approximately a pound of shrimp, so they’re perfect to share.

Pirate’s Punch
With Captain Morgan’s, Bacardi 151, and coconut rum the Pirate’s Punch really does pack a punch. You might not need some time to sober up after a glass of it, but that’s alright because there’s no rush to leave a place with views like what the piers offer.

Homemade Key Lime Pie
Whatever you order, finish the meal with some Homemade Key Lime Pie. If you don’t have room immediately after the meal for a slice, get a whole pie to take home.

Insider Tips:
– Plan on a late dinner so you can watch the sunset as you dine at Dewey Destin’s Seafood Restaurant. The piers face west and offer an unobstructed view of the horizon. Just bring a jacket or sweater along to stay warm after the sun goes down.
– Rather than driving by car, take a boat ride on your way to and from dinner. The restaurant has docks you can tie up at if you’re dining here.