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T.I.G.F. (this is garden food)

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T.I.G.F. – Proudly Serving Ultra-Fresh Goodness in the Heart of Port Saint Joe
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4.5 / 5
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Perhaps better known as This Is Garden Food, T.I.G.F. is the place to go for ultra-fresh fare served with a smile. A true Port Saint Joe favorite, this laidback eatery specializes in homemade veggie deliciousness and more – and the menu changes up on the regular.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Are you craving homemade delights created from fresh, local ingredients and served with all the love in the world? Well then, you’re just going to have to take a trip over to T.I.G.F. in Port Saint Joe to get everything you crave. Aptly known as This Is Garden Food, this quaint eatery lets Chef David Humbrecht show off his cooking prowess while nourishing his beloved community.

He starts out each day tending to the lunch rush, allowing all his patrons to refuel their energy stores in an instant. After that, he closes the doors for several hours to prepare for dinner service. The eatery stays so busy through dinner that he doesn’t get another chance to sit down until well after 10 pm. Since this venture is a definite labor of love, however, the chef and his crew don’t mind the least bit.

Whether you want to come in for lunch or dinner, you won’t need a reservation. But during the rush, you should plan to wait up to 30 minutes for a table to open up. Once you get seated, you’re welcome to take your time and enjoy your dining experience to the fullest. As you open up the menu, you never know what you’ll find. Since they focus on sustainability by using fresh, local ingredients, their menu changes with the seasons.

The one thing you can count on is their French-Swiss inspirations coming through in every dish. A global influence flows through their cuisine, too, giving a nod to Chef Humbrecht’s lifetime of explorations. They make all their items to order, so you’ll need to settle in for a bit of a wait after getting your requests to the kitchen. You can order an appetizer and drinks from the bar to kill some time while you wait. Once your items come out, take a moment to admire the eclectic plating style before digging in.

From the moment you walk through the doors, the chill ambiance will have you feeling plenty cozy, which makes it easy to kick back and relax. Their friendly service is second-to-none as well, ensuring you always enjoy your visit to the fullest. So, if you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to let your server know.

Their fan favorites include:

Tomato Burrata
When you just want to keep it super simple, you cannot go wrong with the Tomato Burrata. This masterpiece starts with a big salad made using the freshest greens around. Then, they slice up big, juicy tomatoes and pile them over top. After that, the whole lot gets hit with a drizzle of oil before they sprinkle basil all over the top.

Ciabatta Burger Truffle
If you’re in the mood for complex flavors in every bite, treat yourself to the Ciabatta Burger Truffle. To make this dish, they start by hand forming a patty out of high-quality ground beef. After that, they cook it to your desired level of doneness before melting mozzarella on top. The cheesy patty lands on a ciabatta bun slathered in truffle mayo before the onions, lettuce, and tomato join the party. Fries and a salad come alongside to bring it all together.

Pasta Shrimp Flambee
Whenever you’re in the mood for seafood decadence, the Pasta Shrimp Flambee is the way to go. This dish begins with shrimp sauteed to pure perfection and then deglazed in bright pastis. While that happens, they cook the noodles until perfectly al dente. After that, the chef tosses the noodles in the shrimp sauce and adds finely chopped parsley to bring it all together.

Want fresh-baked bread and more? Come by on Sunday at 9 am sharp to shop their French bakery. They only stay open until everything sells out – and it all goes as fast as lightning. So, you won’t want to shop up late or you could miss out big time.

Insider Tips:
-If you’d rather book reservations and avoid the wait, you might be out of luck. They’re often too busy preparing all their delicious menu items to answer the phone or respond to emails.
-Want your burger cooked medium? Just let them know and they’ll make it happen.
-Their salads come heavily dressed. If you prefer a lighter touch, ask for your dressing on the side.