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Thai Elephant Authentic Thai Cuisine

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Thai Elephant Authentic Thai Cuisine — Offering Authentic Dishes and Friendly Service
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4.5 / 5
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With each visit to Thai Elephant Authentic Thai Cuisine, you can get truly authentic dishes made with time-honored recipes and only the finest ingredients. Their friendly service and comfortable seating perfect your dining experience whether you drop in for a quick lunch or stay for a long dinner. You really cannot find any better in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, no matter how hard you try.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Located right along Highway 98 and La Canosa Boulevard, Thai Elephant Authentic Thai Cuisine easily flies under the radar despite offering the finest dining experience around. Once you find this hole in the wall eatery, it’ll land at the top of your list of favorite restaurants in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Every time you come in, you’ll be reminded just why you love this restaurant so much.

From their authentic Thai dishes to friendly service, they truly have it all. In making all their appetizers, entrees, and desserts, they only use the highest quality ingredients and time-honored recipes. There’s no freezer food here. Everything is made from scratch when you order it, giving you a taste of homecooked goodness at every visit.

Upon walking through their doors, they always provide a warm greeting and promptly guide you to your table of choice. Then, they bring you water to start, get your drink orders going, and let you pour over the menu. You’ll definitely need time to think it over since they have all the best flavors hidden amongst their offerings.

Once you narrow down your selections, your server will get your order straight to the kitchen, and then bring it out once it’s piping hot and ready to eat. And since their dining room is so comfortable, you won’t mind the slight wait for them to whip everything up.

Don’t leave without trying their:

Tea Rose Dumplings
If you want to start your meal out right, then get an order or two of the Tea Rose Dumplings. They begin making this appetizer by mixing up ground pork and water chestnuts. Then, they wrap it up in wonton dough and steam it to perfection. Pair with their Crab Rangoon starter for a surf and turf experience unlike any other.  

Tom Kha
When you want to warm up your belly and feel wholly satisfied with your meal, treat yourself to Tom Kha soup. This lemongrass soup base features mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro plus lime leaves for extra flavor. It comes to your table with a side of rice to ensure you feel full up by the end of the meal.

Pad Kee Maw
If you’re in the mood for noodles, then get the Pad Kee Maw for a flavor explosion. They make this dish by creating a sauce with chili paste, bell pepper, onion, and basil. To that, they add flat noodles and fried eggs to bring all the delightful spices together.

Pra Ram Long Song
When you order Pra Ram Long Song, you get all the best vegetables stir-fried in a rich peanut sauce. Like all their dishes, you can order this dish as hot or not as you like. Either way, you get a side of rice that perfectly complements all the fresh veggies and rice.

Across all their dishes, the portions are big enough to share. So, don’t hesitate to order up a few dishes and split them amongst everyone at the table. That way, everyone gets a taste of the different offerings available here. Just don’t be surprised when your tablemates order up their favorites all to themselves the next time around.

Insider Tips:
-The two-star spice level is mild at best, so go big if you like it hot.
-Their bowls of soup are entrée sized, so arrive with an empty belly if you want that and more.