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La Chalupita Mexican Market

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La Chalupita Mexican Market — Your Spot for Tex-Mex Delights in Santa Rosa Beach
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4.5 / 5
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La Chalupita Mexican Market is a beloved Santa Rosa Beach staple, and for good reason. One part specialty supermarket, another part Mexican restaurant, this modest location boasts powerful flavor. They have all the fan favorites hot and ready to eat plus a ton of ingredients you can use to whip up your own creations at home.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

When you want your fill of Tex-Mex flavors, set your sights on La Chalupita Mexican Market. In one half of their restaurant, you can get a hot meal to grub on right there or to take home for later. In the other half, you can grab all the ingredients you need to cook all your favorites right at home. So, with just one visit to their store and restaurant, you could treat yourself to tasty Mexican food all week long.

If you need any ingredients for later, you’ll want to stop by the store first. While there, you can shop around to your heart’s content, looking for new things to try or just pick up all your treasured ingredients. With that done, you can focus on filling up your belly with authentic tacos, burritos, and so much more.

When you walk into their restaurant, you’ll have to go right up to the front counter to order. They have a large menu full of awesome selections plus plenty of ways to customize your meal. Just let them know what you want, and they will whip it up as fast as possible. Since they make everything fresh, you may have a little wait ahead, but you won’t mind since their dining area is so cozy.

Absolute fan favorites on their menu include:

Tacos de Camaron
If you’re looking for a taste of all the best Gulf flavors, give their Tacos de Camaron a try. They make this dish using two warm corn tortillas for each taco. Then, they fill each one with grilled shrimp, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, avocado, and cilantro. Add salsa to make it as hot as you want.

Texana Torta
Get your fill of Tex-Mex delights by ordering their Texana Torta. Between two pieces of chewy flatbread, they add grilled steak, bacon, and cheese. After that, they finish it off with a hearty portion of bell peppers that add just the right amount of sweetness to the mix. For an extra charge, you can add all sorts of sides to your torta, including chips and guacamole.

Flautas de Chorizo y Papa
When you bring a big appetite, be sure to get your fill by selecting the Flautas de Chorizo y Papa. To build this plate, they put down a hearty portion of rice and beans, then slide four rolled crunchy tacos alongside. The crunchy tacos are filled with flavorful chorizo and potatoes that’ll keep you coming back for more. Over the top, they add cheese, crème, and lettuce to brighten up the flavors even more.

No matter what you order here, don’t forget to stop by the salsa bar. They have all the toppings you could ever want, ready to dress up your order to the hilt. While you pour your selections over the top, remember that their hot salsa is no joke. It’ll fire up your taste buds right quick, so go easy if you’re not serious about spice.

Insider Tips:
– If you want your order customized, don’t be afraid to speak up. They are happy to make any substitutions you request.
– Not everyone here is fluent in English, so brush up on your basic Spanish to breeze through the ordering process.
– Expect it to get busy during the lunch hour, especially on the weekdays. If you’re in a hurry, you can call in your order ahead of time and pick it up when you’re ready.
– The store closes one hour earlier than the restaurant, so get what you need for home before eating if you’re coming late.