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Pecan Jacks Ice Cream & Candy Kitchen

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Pecan Jacks Ice Cream & Candy Kitchen — Serving Small Batch Sweet Treats to Remember
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Pecan Jacks Ice Cream & Candy Kitchen uses their talents for good, not evil, by creating small-batch sweets that are absolutely to die for. Their artisan offerings include everything from southern pralines to ice cream aplenty, letting everyone satisfy their sweet tooth in style.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Although Pecan Jacks Ice Cream & Candy Kitchen started modestly with mounds of pecan pralines, their Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, shop now features an abundance of artisan sweets of all kinds. It only took a little more than a decade to go from one simple, yet decadent candy creation to dozens of different varieties. They have also expanded to include handmade, small-batch ice cream to their offerings, giving everyone their choice of amazing treats.

Their ice cream brings people into the shop in droves at all hours of the day and every day of the week. It gets especially crazy on the weekends when guests line up for a chance to buy their icy cold creations by the scoop or the pint. They only use the highest quality ingredients as they whip up each batch and never add extra artificial flavors. So, don’t expect their Angel Mint Ice Cream to look green, even though its minty profile promises to delight.

Like their ice cream, all their candies are made in small batches using quality ingredients. Beyond their pralines, they have brittle, chocolates, and even adorable gummies. No matter what you choose, you can buy them by the bag or invest in a whole box of your favorite flavors.

Don’t worry, they won’t judge as you load up your order with candy after candy and some ice cream, too. In fact, they will cheer you on as you select sweet treats to take home, give away, and devour on the spot. If you can wait it out, it’s best to take your selections to go and enjoy them along the waterfront.  

Their most popular handcrafted sweets include:

Assorted Pralines
With the Assorted Pralines, you get a taste of what started it all. Although these delights were once only made as gifts for close friends and family, they are now up for grabs by anyone who comes by. In this box of six, twelve, or sixteen, you’ll get a taste of the southern, rum, and bourbon praline flavors.

Bayou Pecan Brittle
The Bayou Pecan Brittle always starts with an old family recipe that remains close to the vest. The buttery, crispy bite sets the stage for all the other flavors to come through. As you let the candy linger in your mouth, you’ll get a one-two punch of savory Georgia pecans and rich brown sugar before it goes straight to the cayenne finish.

Ice Cream by the Scoop or Pint
You can get ice cream by the scoop or the pint in one or more incredible flavors of your choice. You might like the Elvis with peanut butter, bananas, marshmallows, and chocolate. Or you could keep it simple with the Key Lime Pie, which features vanilla ice cream amplified with key lime juice and graham cracker crumbs.

For the adults in the group, they have a handful of spiked ice cream flavors that you’ll definitely want to try. Out of all the options, their Bourbon Pecan Praline is an obvious favorite, and for good reason. It’s salty, sweet, and just a little bit naughty, giving you an all-new way to savor your favorite sweet treat. They have many others as well if you prefer something altogether different, infused with Disoronno Amaretto, Appleton Jamaican Rum, and everything in between.

Insider Tips:
– If you’re overwhelmed by all the flavors, don’t just stand there! Ask for a sample or two (or three!) to figure out what suits your fancy.
– When you don’t want to stand in line, select your items online, pay using your card, then go to the back door to pick up the order fast.